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Various items as detailed below:

1: Copy of a letter from Jenner to the Prince of Wales. Cheltenham 1 Oct 1798. Holograph

2: Copy of a letter from Jenner to Napoleon I. Berkeley 11 Dec 1813. Holograph

3: Copy of a letter from Jenner to Miss L. Fust of Hill Court. N.d. Holograph

4: Extract from an autobiographical memorandum by Jenner relating to his second petition to Parliament n.d. [1807]

5: Unfinished draft, by Jenner, of an attack on the anti-vaccinationists. 27 Dec. 1805. Holograph. 2 ff.

6: Draft satire, by Jenner, on the anti-vaccinationists n.d. Holograph. 2 ff

7: Appointment as Mayor of Berkeley 9 Oct. 1817.

8: List of honours bestowed on Jenner, n.d. Holograph

9: Memorandum by Mrs Catherine Jenner, recording an anecdote of John Dawes Worgan concerning her late son Edward Jenner (d.1810). n.d.

10: Copy of a post-mortem report on Frederick Augustus Berkeley, 5th Earl Berkeley. Signed by C.H. Parry, Edward Jenner and Henry Jenner, 9 Aug 1810

11: Account of Thomas Croome for preparing Edward Jenner's will, 23 March 1821

12: Receipt for annuities settled by Jenner on his daughter Catherine on her marriage to J.Y. Bedford. 8 Aug 1822

13: Copies of poems by Erasmus Darwin and Mrs (John) Hunter. N.d.

14-15: Poems written in Jenner's hand. 'On a later defeat at Gloucester', and 'on the 2 Dr. Hands'. N.d.

16: Memorandum in Jenner's hand concerning an inoculation performed by Mr Ryett. N.d.

17: Account, in Jenner's hand, for treating a fracture, n.d.

18: Wrapper of a letter from R. Ladbroke to Jenner 21 July 1790, with copies of verses (acc. 67320, acquired separately from the other items in this section).



Physical description

18 items Partly autograph.

Acquisition note

From the Mockler collection, Sotheby's 25-27 Nov. 1918. Item 18 was acquired separately at Sotheby's 25 June 1929, lot 445.

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Database description taken from that in: Richard Palmer, Catalogue of Western Manuscripts in the Wellcome Library for the History & Understanding of Medicine: Western Manuscripts 5120-6244 (London: The Wellcome Library for the History & Understanding of Medicine, 1999).


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