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A mesmeric physician taking advantage of his female patient. Colour lithograph, 1852.

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The mesmeric M.D. Contains monologue by the "Mesmeric M.D.": "(Sotto voce) Glorious practice this mesmerism is, because it gives us so much power over the imagination of the patient; it really is very satisfactory. The public have been kept so completely in the dark, as regards the true cause of diseases, that we doctors can impose any thing we please upon them. None of these impositions could take place under Mr. Morison's Hygeian system of medicine, and therefore it wont do for us. What would become of our guinea trade, if we, for one moment, admitted that he was in the right? Hurrah, then for confusion and mystery in medicine." In his pocket can be seen a diploma reading "License to do anything medicinally"


Credit: Wellcome Collection

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