Alternative medicine

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  • The words 'AIDS' forming the centre of a maze with four figures on the outside holding maps in an attempt to find their way in, an illustration by Ingram Pinn; an advertisement for a meeting in Berlin about HIV and homeopathy by Dr Karin Bandelin and Dr Almut Gestrich on 26 October 1993 at the headquarters of Kursiv, the Centre for AIDS and advice for gay men. Photocopy, 1993.
  • A person discovering that they have been transformed into several kinds of vegetables the morning after taking J. Morison's vegetable pills. Coloured lithograph.
  • The first edition of Steward's healing art, corrected and improved by the original hand : to which he has added all his late improvements and new discoveries, both in physick and surgery, from the year  1812 to the year 1826 ... : to which he has added, A concise herbal ... / by William Steward.
  • A horse-drawn hearse pulls away from a doctor's; representing the dire state of the medical establishment according to James Morison, pill-vendor and self-styled 'Hygeian'. Lithograph, c. 1848.
  • Feverfew pollen
  • A family doctor, an obstetrician, a sensationalist author-doctor and a hypnotist; all pruriently satirised under the guise of moralism, as promoted by James Morison and his pharmaceutical company. Lithograph, 1852.
  • A practictioner of Mesmerism using Animal Magnetism
  • A mesmerist using animal magnetism on a woman who responds with convulsions. Wood engraving, 1845.
  • A man hypnotising a woman using the animal magnetism method. Engraving, 1802, after D. Dodd.
  • Patient suffering under conventional medicine compared with health via Morisonian alternative medicine; represented by trees, one bloated and dying under the varied administration of conventional doctors and the other drained of impurities and healthy. Coloured lithograph.