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Clinical, Subnormality, Child Illness

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Hearnshaw, Leslie Spencer (1907-1991)
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Two files of pamphlets and reprints concerning Clinical Psychology, Subnormality, Child Illness, Nursing, Mentally Handicapped, Community Health Care, Reports and Tattooing:

Clarke, Alex M., "Community Health Care: Implications for Psychologists and for Society", Australian Psychologist, Vol. 9, Mongraph Supplement No. 1, 1974

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Institute for Research into Mental Retardation, Sixth Annual Report, 1972

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Department of Health and Social Security and the Welsh Office, Better Services for the Mentally Handicapped, 1972

Department of Health and Social Security and the Welsh Office, Yes: you can help, 1971

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Deposited in the Wellcome Library by the British Psychological Society in September 2008.

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