Cutaneous and subcutaneous nodules and nodular conditions and juxta-articular and circum-articular infiltrations (para-arthrititic and peri-arthritic-pararthroses and peri-arthroses)--especially when associated with rheumatoid arthritis and symptoms resembling acute, sub-acute or chronic rheumatism

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Parkes Weber, Frederick (1863-1962)
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Various cases for comparison or contrast: - Some cases of Still's disease or Fetty's syndrome. Lord Dawson's case of Colonel Pam (1942) removed elsewhere re 'palindromic rheumatism'. Dr George Graham's case of Henry Isaacs (1941-1943). Bone 'cysts '--rheumatoid arthritis etc. Granuloma annulare and 'ringed sarcoids' (for histological comparison with rheumatoid arthritis nodules). Nodules and localised infiltrates in 'dysthyroidism': myxoedema {nodulare/papulare} annulare, moniliforme etc. Dysplasias and (dysplastic) hamartomata (definition etc). Dysplasias and dystrophies of the subcutaneous tissue (including the pannicular adiposus--article in Med Press and Circ 31 March 1943). Generalised and local hyperplasias and hypertrophies of the pannicular adiposus--including obesities, hemi-obesity and local obesities, and corresponding hyperplastic conditions. (a) Dr George Graham's 'nodular man' (Henry Isaacs) 1941-1946



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