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The majority of papers in this collection concern Trowell's work on fibre, carried out in close cooperation with Denis Burkitt, exploring its role in the prevention of obesity, diabetes and coronary heart disease. There are no primary sources from the period Trowell spent as Senior Physician at the Mulago Hospital, Uganda, 1930-1958, where he was one of the key researchers into the protein-calorie malnutrition disease kwashiorkor. However, publications can be found at C.1 and the work is discussed in transcripts of taped reminiscences (A.2), and in Trowell's biography (A.5).

Section D of this list consists of papers generated by Trowell's engagement in the debate on the interface of religion and medicine.



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Arranged by section as follows:

A Biographical material, 1928-1989;

B Correspondence, 1971-1989;

C Writings, medical, 1941-1988;

D Religion and medicine, 1960-1979;

E Lecture slides

Acquisition note

The papers were given to the Contemporary Medical Archives Centre (now library at Wellcome Collection) in August 1989 by Elizabeth Bray, Trowell's daughter, following Trowell's 1987 approach to the Archivist of the Wellcome Tropical Institute, whose archives were amalgamated into the Contemporary Medical Archives Centre in 1988. Accession 1925 was received in August 2012 and is catalogued as PP/HCT/B/3/20.

Biographical note

The Rev Dr Hubert Carey (Hugh) Trowell, OBE, MD, FRCP (1904-1989) Physician, paediatrician, and nutritionist

Brief Chronology:

Jul 1904: Born

1928: Qualified at St Thomas's Medical School

1928: Married Margaret Sifton

1928-1929: House Physician, St Thomas's Hospital

1929: Colonial Medical Service, Kenya

1930-1958: Study of kwashiorkor

1933: MRCP

1935-1958: Senior Physician and Senior Paediatrician, Mulago Hospital, Kampala, Uganda

1937: Handbook for Dressers and Nurses

1939: Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases in the Tropics


1945: FRCP

1954: Kwashiorkor with J Davies and R Dean

1957: Second Albert Cook Lecture, Annual Conference, BMA, Uganda

1958: Diseases of Children in the Sub-tropics and Tropics, with D Jelliffe

1959: Return to England

Non-infective diseases in Africa

1960: Ordained into Anglican Church

1960-1970: Vicar at Stratford-sub-Castle, and chaplain to Salisbury Hospital

1960-1964: First Chairman of London Medical Group for Study of Medical Ethics

1960-1966: Study Secretary of the newly formed Institute of Religion and Medicine

Chair of BMA working party on the ethical aspects of euthanasia

1970: Retired, study of 'dietary fibre'

Inauguration of the Hugh Trowell Lecture at St Thomas's Hospital Medical School

1972: Introduction of term 'dietary fibre'

1975: Refined Carbohydrates Foods and Disease, with Denis Burkitt

1977: Co-Chairman of the Pritikin Centers, USA

1977: Witness at Senate Committee on Nutrition, Washington

1979: President of Institute of Religion and Medicine

1981: Western Disease: Emergence and Prevention, with Denis Burkitt

1985: Dietary Fibre, Fibre Depleted Foods and Disease, with Denis Burkitt

Jul 1989: Died

See also obituaries in The Times, The Independent, The Guardian, the British Medical Journal.

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Some publications were transferred to the Library's printed collections.

At other repositories:

Reminiscences concerning his work in Uganda, with the Oxford Developmental Records Project, at Rhodes House.

Trowell's books, and photocopies of some of his papers were given to the Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen.

Copyright note

Copyright in Trowell's unpublished writings assigned to the Wellcome Trust by Elizabeth Bray (daughter), and she retains copyright in the unpublished biography of her father

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BM Batchelor of Medicine

BS Batchelor of Science

BMA British Medical Association

BMJ British Medical Journal

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cv curriculum vitae

DM Doctor of Medicine

FRCP Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians

HCT Hugh Carey Trowell

MRCP Member of the Royal College of Physicians

OBE Commander, Order of the British Empire

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USA United States of America

WHO World Health Organisation

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