Imuran (used in transplants)

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Immuno-suppressive agent (Azathioprine), in use as 50mg and 100mg. tablets as well as via injection, used in organ transplantation and in the treatment of certain auto-immune diseases.

Folder 1 and 2
Includes "Dear Doctor" Renal Transplantation and Auto-immune Diseases and "Dear Sir" 'Imuran'- New Presentation, letters accompanied by a basis information sheet about the product. Preparation of 'Imuran' brand tablets; product literature includes 7 brochures on 'Imuran'; literature on use of azathioprine (Imuran) in rheumatoid arthritis, photograph of arthritic hand, negative of Imuran packaging.

Folder 3
Imuran overseas materials includes product literature in German and Italian, there are also English material in this folder such as Imuran* information for investigators-confidential until published'.

Folder 4
Marketing Division Product Information Number 17, Imuran Auto-immune 1.

Folder 5
Marketing Division Product Information Number 10, Imuran Transplantation.

Folder 6
Imuran 1982-1986Imuran talblets and Injection literature 1986, new branded tablet form , 1984; brochure on Imuran and "Dear Pharmacist" letter.

Folder 7
Imuran 1977-1981 includes Imuran- in the treatment of chronic active hepatitis; in the treatment of auto-immune collagen disease and information for investigators.

Folder 8
Imuran 1969-1976, immunosuppressive agent pamphlet; brochure treatment of auto-immune collagen diseases; in the treatment of severe Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Folder 9
Imuran 1964-1968, product literature on Imuran- immunosuppressive agent; Imuran in the treatment of auto-immune and chronic inflammatory disease.



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