M0003648: Soyer's kitchen at Scutari Barracks.

October 1933
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Previous title, replaced May 2020: M.Soyer's kitchen at Scutari Barracks.


Photograph of a wood engraving of "M.Soyer's kitchen at Scutari Barracks", during the Crimean War. The Scutari Barracks are also known as Selimiye Barracks which were the Turkish Army barracks in what is now known as the Üsküdar district in Istanbul, Turk


October 1933

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1 photograph glass plate negative; 8 x 11 cm

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Wellcome Collection holds the item depicted in the glass plate negative: 21109i


Catalogue data comes from a combination of entries in the original glass plate registers, metadata created when the glass plates were digitised in the early 2000s and enhancements made by the cataloguer in 2021.

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