Kemadrin (first marketed UK in November 1951)

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'Kemadrin' is indicated in parkinsonism and in drug-induced parkinsonism and akathisia. Available via tablets of 5 mg. or injection.

Folder 1.
German leaflets on 'Kemadrin'; colour images taken from 'The Story of Medicine' with inscriptions in German and one in French; Data sheet in Greek; ''Kemadrin' a brighter outlook for your parkinsonian patients'.

Folder 2.
Booklets 'Kemadrin' (Procyclidine Hydrochloride) in the treatment of Parkinsonism; 'Kemadrin' Parkinson's Disease and its Treatment'-confidential.

Folder 3.
Data sheet; injection information, also in French, German booklet on 'Kemadrin', other data on 'Kemadrin' in various languages; ''Kemadrin' a brighter outlook for your parkinsonian patients'.

Folder 4.
Leaflet, 'Release from rigidity, 'Kemadrin' in paralysis agitans.' 1955-1959.
'Kemadrin' abstracts from the literature, 2 other leaflets in French and German.

Folder 5.
Photocopied booklet on 'Kemadrin', includes review, usage, list of neuroleptic and antiparkinsonism drugs, specimen of promotional material, copies of references. c.1978. "Dear Sir" letters include the first stamped 1955 re. use of 'Kemadrin'. "Dear Doctor" letters re. new injection and prescribing information. One colour transparency of product in tablet and vial form, in packaging.

Folder 6.
'Kemadrin', 'Product Information, No 2' Confidential, Prepared by the Marketing Division, January 1969.

Folder 7.
Leaflets 'Kemadrin' drug-induced parkinsonism'; 'Kemadrin' a brighter outlook for your parkinsonian patients'. 1975-1979.
Leaflets 'Drug-induced Parkinsonism; 'Kemadrin, for drug-induced parkinsonism.

Folder 8.
Brochure for effective early treatment for all forms of Parkinsonism; booklet, 'The best-qualified treatment for drug-induced parkinsonism, Kemadrin'; desk pop up calender; Tremors of a kind, invitation card - new video differentiating Parkinsonian tremors from other disorders; 'Kemadrin' notepad; two A4 size promotional information sheets on tablets and injection.



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