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Minute Book: Board of Directors; AGMs

Cooper McDougall & Robertson Limited: William Cooper & Nephews (South America) Limited, Sociedad Anonima Importadora y Comercial, 1932 -
16 Jul 1963 - 2 Dec 1970

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This volume contains the minutes of meetings of the board of the company, and minutes of AGMs and their local equivalent. Meetings of the board generally took place ten to twelve times a year. Unlike earlier volumes of minutes from this company, none here are in Spanish, save for one set on p. 14, another on pp. 80-81.

Details of shareholdings and the financial position of the company appear at intervals in the minutes, along with some reports from directors. Meetings also deal with general company administration, Powers of Attorney, and so on. Some salary details are also given, as well as details of bonus payments, and some sales figures.

Some, but not all, of the minutes have been signed. Some, but not all, have been endorsed to indicate that they have been reported to the Secretary or Board of the main UK company, or received by the office of the Managing Director in the UK.

There is an index at the front of the volume.

Some difficulties with vaccines & their production are noted on p. 10.

On pp. 34-38, facsimiles of minutes appear. A note indicates that the originals appear at the back of the volume - however, they are not actually there. Facsimile minutes also appear on pp. 126-128.

The closure of the firm for an annual holiday, for a fortnight, is noted on p. 60.

The production of vaccine for Foot and Mouth Disease is discussed on p. 64, and on p. 120.

The effect of government regulations on the success of the 'Coopertox' dip is noted on p. 87. A threat to the company is identified in the actions of the government.

Minute no. 366 has been fixed in between minutes 368 and 369 (pp. 99-100).

On pp. 116-117, the decision of Coopers in the UK to accept shares in payment of debts is noted - the prevailing economic situation in Argentina making this arrangement much to the advantage of the South American company among its competitors. Another appeal for help to the UK company is noted on p. 132.


16 Jul 1963 - 2 Dec 1970

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