Re various, especially little known, forms of oedema and elephantiasis nostras--including AA Lendon's 'ajesoedem[a]'

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Parkes Weber, Frederick (1863-1962)
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Re pachydermatocele, diffuse fibroma etc (for comparison). Local and general symmetrical oedemas connected with thyroidal disorder (myxoedema, Graves' Disease, etc). Also on 'cutislaxa' etc (for comparison)--'cutis hyperelastic', with sometimes cigarette-paper-like scars; congenital familial friability of skin, arthrochalasis (loose and overextensible joints), 'Ehlers-Danlos syndrome', 'Dermatorrhexis'. Radiotherapeutic 'elephantiasis'. Circumscribed ('lichenoid' etc) myxoedema of skin (myxomatous, or better, mucoid, degeneration of skin)--associated with hyperthyroidism. Oedema of the ankles from air travel? Oedema in diabetes, nutritional oedema, starvation oedema, etc. Oedema of extremities during sea-voyages, charabanc tours etc. Chronic oedema of legs with high blood pressure. Oedema with hypoprotein[...]amia (whole subject)



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