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Henry Wellcome Letter Book 4 ['Letter Book HSW Personal 2']

Nov 1896 - Jan 1899
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Credit: Henry Wellcome Letter Book 4 ['Letter Book HSW Personal 2']. Public Domain Mark

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** The original item is too fragile to be produced. Please order the microfiche version quoting the reference AMS/MF/162. **

500 pages used, only p.117 is blank.

ALBANY CLUB KINGSTON 101, 174, 302, 358. Annual subscriptions also 101 ordered tickets for the Oxford Cambridge Boat Race, 358 tickets for Henley.
ALLEN & CARRUTHERS 3, 13, 71 [ctd LB3] re. publication of 1,000 copies of the American Society's 'Thanksgiving Souvenir Album'.
Alfred ALLEN, Locomotive Steam Enginemen & Firemen Friendly Society's Pension Fund 89 donation to fund
Rev Martyn H ALLNUTH, St Jude's Vicarage 447 HSW agreed MA could have evergreens from Brockwell Hall to decorate the church.
Dr EW ALLSON 44, 70, 130 re. books for HSW's collection.
Bond ANDREWS 296 enc. cheque for tickets.
Harry B ARCHER 177 enc. donation.
Edward ARNOLD 444, 445a Ordered 870 copies of 'Fire & Sword in the Sudan' as staff Christmas gifts.
ARTICLE CLUB JF Bell, 201, 289, 459, 468 enc. cheques re. annual subscription/dinners also 201 for the Naval Review.

Mrs L BARBER, Leek 167 re. sale of picture.
Hon TF BAYARD, American Ambassador 48, 161. 48 HSW thanked TFB who had been unable to attend the Thanksgiving Banquet as at Windsor Castle, but had passed a copy of the Album to the Queen. Remark re. Anglo-American relations; 161 Confirming shipment of the Bayard cup to Bayard after the Banquet.
A BEDFORD, Holborn Circus 84 ack contribution [for BAYARD cup]
JP BELL 162 Tickets for Diamond Jubilee Naval Review
H BELTHLE, Dartford 312 re. factory business.
Dr BERETON, Galway 90a thanked for gift of 'Pharmacopoeia Colegii Medicorum'
J BLABER 89a, 214, 239, 282, 320. HSW leased Mr Moore's rooms, at 22 Ryder Street
BLACKWOOD & SON 437, 441, 442, 444A, 444C. Ordered 700 [later 800] copies of 'With Kitchener to Khartoum' for staff Christmas gifts.
Herbert P BLAKE 20-22, 59. re. account of expenditure re. cruise which HSW disputed.
Dr TJ BOKENHAM 39 HSW regretted he was unable to visit the new Physiological Laboratories.
BOUTALL, Chemist 131, 133 settled account.
Arthur H BOWLES Freemason 221 accepted position as Provincial Grand Senior Warden.
Dr Nathan E BOYD 435, 439. Replacement of medical equipment, enc. medicine case.
BRADBURY, WILKINSON & Co 31, 153, 164, 379. Ordered and paid for headed notepaper.
BRITISH & COLONIAL DRUGGIST 371 granted permission for an abstract of Power's 'Chemical News' article to be published.
BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE, Treasurer - Arthur W Rucker, 237, 408, 474. Annual subscriptions.
BROOKBANK & HOSKER 317 payment for Spencer Kelly concert.
Wm BROWN, Edinburgh 259, 269, 473. Purchased books.
Dr Wm L BROWN 312, 331, 451, 454, 478, 485. Mostly re. WB's completion of 'Animal Substance' book, commissioned by HSW, by end Feb 1897. Also 312 lent HSW's copy of 'Epitome of the History of Medicine', R Park.
T Lauder BRUNTON 229 enc. translation of 'German Pharmaceutical Association'.
J&E BUMPUS 275 enc. cheque.
BW&Co, Dartford 274 Power to supervise new building in HSW's absence, giving instructions to Bax and Fletcher where appropriate. Carr also to be given support.
W BUTCHER 49 request passed to 'Literary Department', sent 3 copies of 'Vest Pocket Diaries'.

CAMEO CYCLE COMPANY 191 testimonial for Elroy Curtis.
CARLYLE HOUSE TRUST 71 ordered copy of the memorial volume.
Francis H CARR 176, 180, 187, 359. re. Carr's proposed employment at BW&Co; 359 HSW requested reference for Harold M Read.
Samuel Baltimore CARR, Carr Lowry glass Co, Baltimore 402. Thanked for gift 'Volume of Baltimore', also requested Carr's device for grinding glass stoppered bottles.
Chas L CARSON 304 enc. cheque for tickets.
Alfred CARTWRIGHT, Guayaquil 290, 389. Ordered Balsa Palma logs. Also 290 expressed concern for AC's recovery after fire the previous year.
Wm CHALMERS, Oban 292, 363, 387, 394. Ordered, returned and paid for clothes.
Wm Astor CHANDLER 308 enc. complimentary 'Medicine Dispensing Belt' for forthcoming 'pluck undertaking'.
Arthur W CHAPMAN, Freemason 410 enc. cheque for Columbia Lodge Jewel.
[Re] Will E CHAPMAN, Freemason, 41 HSW unable to attend 'Send Off Banquet' for Chapman.
CHEMISTS' ASSISTANTS' ASSOCIATION Harold Matthews 424 Election of HSW as patron of the CAA.
CHEMISTS BALL, W Warren, 240, 283, 423, 467. Purchased tickets.
Mrs EA CHILD High Wycombe 291 returned photographs.
LH CHITTY 134 testimonial for WR Mealing
Carlos J CHRISTIE 218 CC to ensure Cartwright's supply of Balsa Palma Logs to HSW.
SM COLGATE, New York 186 John M Richards to be the supplier of Colgate products, also that BW&Co would continue as a supplier until Richards took over - referred to Cashmere Bouquet soap and Violet Water.
FH COLLINGS 357 enc. cheque
Lesser COLUMBUS 16, 103, 113, 152, 253, 255, 439. [ctd LB3]. Mainly subscriptions for Article Club and dinners. Also, 16 turned down [business] offer due to lack of time.
Mrs COPE 10 congratulated on appointment to Royal Eye Hospital, enc. sample of Ophthalmic 'Tabloids'
COPLAND & LYE, Glasgow 211, 215, 216 ordered tartan belts.
Fredk COX, freemason 240 enc. copy of History of Mason's.
Merton Russell COTES 297 returned donation to 'Maine Memorial Fund' as subscribers had to be American.
R Newton CRANE, Freemason 25, 139, 196, 321b, 333. 25 Bayard's American Society retirement gift and dinner -139 list of toasts at the dinner, 196 closure of Fund; 321b (3pp) 333 Columbia Lodge Freemason business.
CRAWFORD PRESS (see also Allen & Carruthers) 182, 184. Disputed charge made by printers, offered a reduced sum then agreed to settle in full - as 'I can better afford to pay your inordinate charges than you can to press them'.
CREASEY SON & PARSLOW 202 ordered pair of trousers.
CREMER & CO 154, 463, 481 enc. cheque also returned defective boots.
CUBE ICE LONDON Ltd, T Alan Glasse 393, 396, 416, 421. Referred AG to Mr Van der Weyde.
Senator CULLOM, Illinois 430 Requested copies of 8 drug trade reports by USA Consular Officers
JB CUMMING Freemason 157 enc. cheque for Columbia Lodge dues
W Elroy CURTIS, Washington 87, 135. 87 requested a set of invitations and souvenirs re. President's Inauguration; 135 re. proposed visit to London warned WEC difficulty of renting rooms during Victoria's Jubilee celebrations;

Dr DARMSLAEDTER 230 re. visit to Berlin and possible interview with Dr Quincke
Henry J DART, Dart & Chapman, Montreal 434 informed that Fairchilds provided BW&Co products in America.
DARTFORD CHURCH, Rev Percy E Smith 466 enc. donation, also re. Acacia Hall.
DARTFORD FREE LECTURE SOCIETY, JW Gill, 98, 177, 223, 332, 346 and G Major JENKINS, 181, 221. 98 221 & 223 unable to chair lectures; 177 & 181 re. HSW's election as President ; 332 & 346 re. meeting.
DARTFORD MARTYRS' MEMORIAL HALL, J Underhill, 445 enc. donation
DARTFORD RIFLE VOLUNTEERS, WA Perryman, 287 enc. cheque
DARTFORD SALVATION ARMY, Charles Miller 446 enc. donation
Roland [N] DENNIS 43 promised copy of Thanksgiving Album, thanked for 'Bad Childs Book of Beasts'.
HJ DICKENS, Stone Mason 86, 92, 164. re. [failed] quote for Kirby freemason memorial at High Wycombe Cemetery.
DIXEY & SON 327 enc. cheque
Thomas DIXON 104 copy of advert for 'bachelors chambers' to be dealt with by Dixon [for Power?].
Chas DODD, Dartford High Street 391 enc. cheque for furniture.
W Portlock DODSON, Freemason 303, 356 [302 cancelled version of 303] Unable to attend ceremony, enc. donation.

J Walter EARLE 45, 56, 84, 116, 140, 151, 203, 222. All re. American Society accounts; details for Washington and Bayard Banquets; HSW's cheques.
EASTMAN PHOTOGRAPHIC CO. 286, 304, 338 enc. cheques also 304 sent Madeira negatives for developing.
Walter J EBBETTS, Freemason 148, 258, 278, 378, 390. [ctd. LB3] cheques for Savage Club Lodge, Savage Club Mark Lodge and Tuscan Chapter RC; 390 Mark Benevolent Fund.
'ECHO', JA McKenzie 190 arrangements for interview.
J Passmore EDWARDS 17 apologised that the American Society Thanksgiving Dinner speeches were too lengthy, which delayed JPE's toast at which he had taken offence.
ELKINGTON & CO 436 re. completion of the Stanley Shield.
EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE 32, 235, 262, 276, 422, 426. Payments re. policy, no 250766.

Ben J FAIRCHILD 225 Apologised for being absent when Fairchild called.
Sam W FAIRCHILD 8, 309-310. Thanked for gift of 'McKinley Badge' and photographs, referes to Mr Holden also, details of possible US trip to see sick mother for Christmas [Dec 1896]; 309 ms, forwarded a medicine belt for Astor Chandler c/o Fairchilds.
JF FARLEY, Monumental Mason Kensal Green 91, 165-166, 185, 199, 210, 261, 345. re. quote, design and order for KIRBY freemason memorial at High Wycombe; 166 contains a copy of the proposed inscription.
JA FARNFIELD, Old King's Arms Chapter [Freemason?] 353, 461 enc. cheques
W FASSETT 47 tested but not interested in 'Artificial Food Product'.
Thos L FEILD 51, 99, 106-107, 108. 51 Johnson ack. receipt of prospectus; 99,106 & 108 re. BAYARD fund, 106 inc. extracts from American Society Rules;
Joao FERRERIA, Funchal 301a, 305, 313-314, 374. 301a HSW left £100 at the Santa Clara Hotel to be used by JF to purchase old Til [type of wood] and other special woods, also furniture. JF to report monthly. 304 arranged shipment for 'very old cannon'; 313 berated JF for not drawing the £100, 'it will become perfectly well known that this is money that you are using for me to make purchases, which I wanted to avoid'; 374 purchased furniture and 2 'Canary dogs'.
FIDELITY LODGE, Dr SR Lovett, Freemason 11, 260, 441, 470 [ctd LB3] enc. subscriptions, apologised for absence from meetings.
WJ FISHER, Freemason 377, 403, 422, 429. 377 re. Savage Club Lodge; 403 votes for RMIB and RMIG; 422 fund for freemason widow; 429 apologised for continued absence due to illness.
J Percy FITZGERALD, Freemason 156, 318. enc. cheques for dues to Kemys Tynte and Temple Cressing Preceptories;
Mrs Edyth MacDonald FLEET, USA 265 reply to her letter, congratulated her on her marriage, donation to Bishop Cridge's fund.
A Chune FLETCHER 58, 273 enc. cheque, 273 re. German tabloid issue, also Dartford explosion verdict being accidental death.
Henry E FOSTER 397 enc. donation to Probyn Presentation Fund.
John FOUNTAIN 398, 400, 401, 495. Purchased suits.
'FREEMASON' Editor 241 enc. photographs of 4 sides of Kirby's Memorial.
Col TW FRIGANT, Freemason 243, 254, 324, 334. 243, 254 334 Columbia Lodge business; inc. 243 CL's American/British affiliation; 324 RMIB donation;
FULLERS Ltd, Strand 100 Testimonial for Rebecca Warner, an American.

WA GAMBLIN 347 ack. 47 packages had reached Mr Wilton.
The GARDENER, Phoenix Mills 306 directions for semi-tropical plants HSW had sent to Dartford
GENERAL POST OFFICE 85 requested refund of unused postal order.
WH GIBBS & CO 155 testimonial for Mr CC Weld
Rev JW GIBSON, St Sepulchre 89 donation for parish club and reading room.
Dr MC GRABHAM, Madeira 315 thanked CG for treatment in Madeira and updated CG as to his progress when returned to London where HSW required an operation.
GF GRANT & CO 480, 483, 486. Ordered 50 cases of champagne.
GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY, Paddington 244 refund for unused tickets.
Col Jameson GRIFFIN 401, 412. HSW purchased Washington portrait [given to the Masonic Grand Lodge].
Messrs GIFFITHS 444a, 444b. re. staff Christmas gifts of books.
CE GROVES 375 re. FB Power
Miss GUMBRALL Wellcome Club & Institute 464 HSW unable to attend WC&I Christmas Soiree.
Rev Robert GWYNNE 350, 354. HSW unable to loan money.

Mrs HALDENSTEIN 468 returned goods.
Dr J HAMILTON Dartford 433 unable to receive Lady Brooke, enc. donation for Eniskillen Hospital fund.
Mr H HAMLIN Dartford 179 re. 'Wellcome Orchestral Society'
HAMPTON & SONS 115, 147, 173, 205, 228, also Algernon Moore, Auction Offices 31, 237. Rental of No. 5 Suffolk Place.
Robert G HARDIE, USA 456-458, 491-492. Apologised for neglect in corresponding, commissioned life-size portrait of Washington in masonic clothing for the English Grand Lodge in time for 1899, the centenary of W's death - W gave very specific instructions. Also to restore 2 portraits of Washington owned by HSW.
George HARDING 291 enc. cheque
JH HARRIS 284 re. financial and social position of late Lewis Jones' family.
Dr GE HARRISON 112 testimonial for Mr Clements [American writer]
J & WB HARVEY Littlehampton 495 enc. cheque
Miss Florence HAYWARD 46 Returned photo of Newton Crane
Alec B HECTOR, Sydney, Australia 281 thanked for reports of the annual staff outing.
Sir Michael HICKS BEACH 121 asked that the Bayard cup be exempt from any customs duty.
Mrs AE HILL 194 testimonial for Dr Power
Dr Fr HOFFMANN 27-28, 118, 233, 234 [ctd LB3] historic research with Dr Berendes for HSW book ; 118 [very faint] Apr 1897 delayed work until the following year; 233 to discuss animal substances; 234 asked if he would translate and edit a German edition of BW&Co 'Vest Pocket Memorandum Book'.
WS HOOPER, Freemason 356 ack. donation to Savage Club Mark Lodge fund.
A HOPKINS Glasgow 213 enc. cheque for books purchased.
HOTEL CECIL 116, 363, 372, 378, 380. 116 Bayard Banquet 7 May 1897; 363 & 372 enc. cheque for Mr & Mrs FH Wellcome's hotel bill;
Dr James HOWISON & WD HOWISON [father and son respectively] 54 thanked for gift of books from JH.
Miss Kate HUDSON 40 returned photograph of Miss Upton.
Matt HUGH 6 money to aid his recovery.

Harold IMRAY, Freemason 132 sent 'Fidelity Past Master's Jewel'
Walter INGLE 287, 323, 399 commissioned photographic work e.g. Bayard Cup and Kirby memorial.

Dr Lld JAEGERS SANITARY WOOLLEN SYSTEM CO LTD 296, 370, 405 enc. cheques, also 370 ordered 2 'Abdomen belts'.
Prosser JAMES 455 enc. cheque for Western Skin Hospital.
JAPAN SOCIETY 431, 469 enc. subscriptions.
AJ Mountenay JEPHSON 49 re. American Society Thanksgiving Album.
Elias JESSURUN, Freemason 335 re. Columbia Lodge.
Adrian JONES 146 rejected American Jubilee proposal as one had already been agreed.
Arthur JOHNSON, Clothing Co. 61, 93 enc. cheques for clothes procured for 61-Dr A Chune Fletcher, and 93-HSW.
Henry A JOHNSON & Sons 59 re. Brussels Exhibition 1897
Herbert JOHNSON 85 enc. cheque for sketch of the American Society Banquet
JUNIOR PHARMACY BALL, H Arliss Robinson / WJ Heusson 16, 74, 257, 490. Purchased tickets. [74 very blurred]

KEITH PROWSE & CO 68, 252, 366, 419 enc. cheques
F Scott KELTIE 416 re. HSW's nomination of RW Rogers to the Royal Geographical Society
Mrs CJW KERIN 258, 262. Sent complimentary bottles of Kepler, as BW&Co did not sell directly as retailers only as wholesalers.
KENT & SONS GB 477 HSW complained re. toilet case missing comb.
Mrs KIRBY 42 Christmas greetings, also Sudlow to pass on HSW's gifts to children.
KIRBY LODGE OF INSTRUCTION, Wm Baker, Freemason 23, 255, 400, 423. Subscriptions, also 23 Sudlow to attend Kirby Memorial.
F KNIGHTS 52, 147 enc. cheque for engraving.
Imre KIRALFY Freemason, 311, 326, 359, 403. 311 congratulations for IK's 30th year as a mason; 326 enc. donation to RMBI; 359 enc. donation; 403 votes for RMIB

HS LAMB 88, 220, 229, 398, 405, 445, 459. re. Freemason business, ordering and payment for various silver items. 405 enc. cheques from HSW and the firm. 88 ordered 'Lano' pendants for the following freemasons: JF Burnett, TW Davies, GE Davis, J Dowdeswell*, JF Francis, JH Harris, WD Howison, HW Lane, E Linstead*, WR Mealing*, FA Rogers, JW Rollings, PM Short, J Collett Smith*, R Clay Sudlow*, WE Taylor, W Lloyd Williams [*BW&Co Employees]. Also 459 enc. clocks for repair.
Dr LANE 44 HSW unable to review Lane's products as in US [Dec 1896]
LANKESTER & SON 23 enc. cheque for refrigerator.
Lorin A LATHROP, USA Consulate, Bristol 69 re. Gabet Celebration Committee
Miss M Martin LEAKE, Dartford Factory 182a, 204, 236, 343-344, 438, 475. 182a [3 pages] re. Mr Hill's new appointment, Mr William's position and a misunderstanding re. wages that had occurred, HSW apologised for poor communication; 204 thanks for L's criticism to long term schemes for factory; 236 re. Garden and Library at Dartford; 343 re. proposals for the Club & Institute, also re. cricket tournament; 438 instructed Leake to see Dr Fletcher for her eye complaint, also re. Club & Institute layout; 475 ML's eye complaint, factory garden, HSW agreed with ML's proposition for a visiting nurse.
J LEIGHTON 450 signed by H Wilton. Loaned books to Miss May Morris.
Rev Andrew LESS 348, 357, 397. 348 Requested & returned sample shawls.
E LETCHWORTH, Grand Lodge, 440. HSW commissioned a portrait of George Washington for the Grand Lodge
Eugene H LEWIS, New York 9 apologised for late payment of account.
WJ LIELL New York 267 sympathy for the winding up of Liell's business and possibility of employment with BW&Co in America in 1898.
LLOYDS REGISTER OF SHIPPING 174, 326 enc. cheques re. Yacht Register
LONDON AMERICAN 109 enc. cheque
LONDON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, KB Murray 119, 300. 119 annual subscription.
LONDON EXHIBITION LTD 283 unable to spare time to be on the 1898 committee
Miss Rita LORTON 42 promised copy of the Thanksgiving Album.
LOTUS CLUB, New York, DS Sickles 286, 332, 409 enc. cheques
LOUISVILLE NATIONAL HOSPITAL, Ed J Braithewaite 235 enc. donation

'SS MAJESTIC ' Steward of the State Room, 76 enc. £1 tip as HSW had missed him when disembarking.
JA MALCOLM 50 in HSW's absence Dodswell to meet him.
WJ MANSELL 96, 108, 170, 197, 199, 207, 228, 249, 299, 331. [94 & 95 incomplete/blurred cancelled copies of 96] Initial/further orders and payment for the Souvenir Thanksgiving Albums, also 96 discrepancy in order.
JA MANSON 432 Brockwell Hall possible inclusion
MAPPIN & WEBB 206 enc. cheque
Miss Helen MAR 40 re. delayed meeting due to illness.
Reginald H MARDON 365, 392, 395, 404, 421, 476 enc. cheques, 365 2 letters inc. HSW's rental of No34 Imperial Mansions.
MARGATE LIFEBOAT FUND, 'Daily Telegraph' 261 enc. cheque
CF MATIER, Freemason Mark Benevolent Fund 364, 377. HSW ack. receipt of 'Jewel' 1898'; enc. donation.
MARKBY STEWART & CO 141, 145, 183, 256, 271, 279, 288, 413. 141 & 145 reminded MS&Co that messages be sent via letters, not with junior members of BW&Co; 183 return copy of summons; 413 enc. notes of meeting with PD Leake. Also Charles STEWART 37, 236, 248, 449, 453. 37 thanks for assistance before HSW went to US; 236, 248, 256 re. last payment to SMB executors and suggested wording for assignment of business to HSW; 271 appreciation for handling of coroner's inquest into explosion at Dartford Factory, also appointment of Roger Wallace QC on permanent retainer; 279 enc. cheque; 288 re. fee for Fletcher Moulton; 449 & 453 re. liquidation of Saxon & Co Ltd. in which HSW had an interest [452 is a very faint copy of 453];
MARSH BROS 367 enc. cheque for photographs.
Hiram S MAXIM 111 sent HM 'sporting cartridges'.
Alan MCAFEE 362 enc. cheque
James MCLEAN 385, 386, 420. Congratulated JM as new Secretary to the Anglo American League.
Bedford MCNEILL 60 Johnson confirmed HSW's absence [USA]
Prof. MENDOLA 163 Asking for suggestions for 2 Chemist's positions in BW&Co
CSG MEYER 354 HSW congratulated CM's company for 50 years in the US drug trade.
Theodore F MEYER, Meyer Bros. Drug Co 408 HSW sent apologies of absence to the Annual Convention of the National Wholesale Druggists Association, also the Proprietary Association of America.
Daniel MEYERS Cleveland 172, 189. Investigation of Haskin Wood Vulcanising Co Ltd passed to solicitor [Rutland] and report sent to Meyers
Bishop of MINNESOTA, HB Whipple 198 enc. copy of Thanksgiving Album due to Whipple's support of the Indian cause 'you stood nobly above popular clamour in demanding justice for the Red Man'
J Fletcher MOULTON QC 231-232 enc. translation of 'German Pharmaceutical Association' with negative assertions re. Tabloid products
D Christie MURRAY 146 proposed Anglo-American initiative.
Hewie B MURRAY 75 paid for tickets for London Chamber of Commerce Dinner to Mr Bayard.

NATIONAL WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS ASSOC, USA, EL Strong, 194, 299, 460. Annual subscriptions
F Tennyson NEELY, New York 66 ack receipt of book.
NEW LYRIC CLUB 80, 257. 80 annual subscription; 257 tendered resignation.
NEW NIAGRA CLUB Westminster 79, 278. 79 annual subscription; 278 tendered resignation.
Harry NICHOLLS, Freemason 360 ack. donation to Savage Club Mark Lodge fund.
WH NICHOLLS 136 [ctd LB3] re. Sun Life Insurance Policy.
Will NICHOLL 488 Bought tickets for concert
NORTH SURREY GOLF CLUB, Dr Louis Robinson 406, 474 enc. subscriptions.

Dr WFH O'LOUGHLIN, 'SS Majestic' 82 re. HSW's accident - he hurt his leg - on the voyage.
OCEAN ACCIDENT & GUARANTEE CO LTD 32, 47, 191, 353 [ctd LB3] Cheques re. Insurance Policies 65311, 117372, 165508; 47 re. extending cover whilst travelling.
OSGOOD MCILVANIE & Co 67 ack. Receipt of book 'Gorillas & Chimpanzees' by RL Garner

PATENT OFFICE 192 re. Trade Mark 198969/198172
Captain Charles PELHAM 11, 14, 51, 66, 68, 134, 154, 251, 266, 406, 411. [ctd LB3] 11, 51 enc. cheque; 14 cheque also re. high expenditure 'I shall come to a decision as to whether of not I shall continue the work of collecting'; 66 loaned ship building patterns; 68 sent copy of 'The History of the Lifeboat & its Work'; 134 source for bamboo; 154 re. payments to CP; 251 enc. cheque; 266 sent £100 loan; 406 enc. letters of introduction to London hotels; 407 copy of letter sent to First Avenue Hotel, Hotel Cecil, Hotel Metropole, Lyons & Co Trocadero; 411 sent sample aluminium nails to be tested for effects of exposure.
WS PENLEY Freemason 169 Encouraging WSP to reconsider resignation of Columbia Lodge.
Wm PERKINS 114 contribution to Mr Shabut's funeral.
PHILADELPHIA 'ALUMNI REPORT', Joseph W England 34, 111. 34, suggested an article be written on FB Power rather than HSW; 111 settled account.
HJV PHILPOTT, New Bottle Machine Co 419 enc. cheque
Miss Sarah PLUMB 396 enc. cheque
Miss Edith POND 136 declined invite.
Henry PRITCHARD 60, 67, 109, 187, 219, 285. annual Gavel Club Dinners, subscriptions, also 60 HP thanked for 'Pictures from Punch' gift.
R PRUST, Cardiff 132 settled account.

WS REID 259 enc. cheque.
Messrs REID, Santa Clara Hotel 301b Reid to pay Joao Ferreira's monthly wages.
Fred REYNOLDS, Reynolds & Branson, 35, 102, 166a, 168. 35 commissioned 'Prehistoric Pharmacy 'sketches; 102-168 receipt of sketches - not useful for BW&Co advertising department 1897 but retained for his private scrapbook
RR RICHARDSON 202 Congratulated RR on his completed studies
Prof. RW ROGERS 426 HSW proposed RWR for fellowship of the Royal Geographical Society.
H Ling ROTH 33 [ctd LB3] enc. cheque for 'The Natives of Sarawak & British North Borneo'.
ROSE & CO 484 enc. cheque
George ROUTLEDGE & SONS 175 re. special edition of 'Sixty Years of The Queen's Reign' by Sir Richard Temple - 565 copies
ROYAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY, ELS Cocks, 328, 362, 469 enc. cheques for tickets or annual subscription.
ROYAL LONDON YACHT CLUB 76, 188, 280, 471. Annual subscription also 188 booked room for Cowes week.
ROYAL MASONIC INSITUTION FOR BOYS, (RMIB) J Morrison McLeod 295, 337 enc. donation.
ROYAL TEMPLE YACHT CLUB 80, 251, 281, 297, 472. Annual subscription and dinners.
PJ RUTLAND Freemason & Solicitor 144, 171. 144 KIRBY memorial at High Wycombe, re. permission from cemetery; 171 re. investigation on behalf of Daniel Meyers.

S SAGE & CO 142 ordered 'ebonised cases'.
Dr AG SANDBERG Freemason 157 enc. votes.
St MARY'S DAY NURSERY, Miss LK Siven-Wilson 55 HSW in US so unable to attend function.
A Gordon SALAMON 247, 489. Secrecy re. German matter, enc. photographs. 489 badly blurred, asked for an introduction to Alfred Willis General Manager of the South Eastern Railway.
Dr Luigi SAMBON 303 arranged meeting.
SAVAGE CLUB, WH Denny 77, 81, 280, 349, 361, 413, 472. Annual subscription and cheques for annual dinner, also 349 unable to chair dinner. 413 purchased tickets from Holmes Kingston.
SAVAGE CLUB MARK LODGE, all members of 352 requested donations to the Benevolent Fund Festival. A list of members is attached.
SM SCOTT 220 declined to take advertisements in the BW&Co diaries.
Albert SEARL 24 [ctd LB3] apologised for delay re. gift of watch.
Bowdler SHARPE, South Kensington Museum 307 [very blurred]sent several specimens collected from Porto Santo.
Mrs M French SHELDON 41 sent Zoological Gardens Tickets.
James SHOOLBRED & CO 72, 214, 288, 338, 425. [ctd LB3] enc. cheques, also 72 & 425 ordered cases from warehouse.
SOCIETY OF ARTS, Sir H Truman Wood, 30, 180, 252, 372. Membership subscription also180 tickets for overseas visitors.
EW SOLOMAN 224 condolences for loss of parents.
Jao Antonio De SOUZA, Funchal 358
WH SMITH & SONS BOOKSTALL, Holborn Viaduct Station 90 Ordered copies of 20 different newspapers for 3 & 4 Mar 1897
Cornwallis H SMITH, Freemason 360 ack. donation to Savage Club Mark Lodge fund.
SPIERS & POND, Criterion Restaurant 244; Holborn Viaduct Hotel 245, 318; New Bridge Street 319. enc. cheques.
George SPILLER & CO 72, 376 enc. cheque
WJ SPRATLING Freemason 156, 321a, 322, 323, 329-330, 411. 156 enc. cheque for Diamond Jubilee Festival, Albert Hall ticket; 321a (2pp), 322, 329 & 411 Freemason business re. Columbia Lodge; 323 unable to 'enter into arrangements' re. Adrian & Co's Products';
Edward STANFORD 279 re. Thyroglandin samples
Jas G STEELE, San Francisco 264 re. acquisition of Cascara Sagrada tree for transplantation in London.
Henry H STEVENS 4, 50. Returned loaned copies of 'Les Singularitez de la France Antartique'; 'Authentic betters from Upper Canada' - TW Macgrath; 'Stultifsra Navis'
B Franklin STEVENS, Freemason 4, 18-19, 28, 43, 46, 102, 105, 119b, 124, 150, 227, 246, 263, 342, 367, 399, 414, 418, 428, 431, 482. Mainly re. American Society: 43 re. Thanksgiving Banquet Album; 46 returned loaned letters and papers; 105 called American Society meeting; 150 re. portrait of Bayard by Miss Stillman. 18-19, 28, 102, 119b, 124, 246, 367, 399, 418 re. Bayard retirement testimonial banquet & loving cup also fund dispute; 227 [marks from 226 have obscured this short letter, re. Bayard Cup?]. 342, 431 & 482 enc. cheques re. Columbia Lodge.
J STONE & CO Deptford 409 enc. cheque
STRUTHERS & CO 33, 277 enc. cheque
SUN LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY 276 re. policy 42665

TG TAGG & SON 190, 275, 339, 346, 348, 355, 368-369, 410, 412. re. 'Canadian Canoe' for Henley Regatta, booking and payment. Inc. several with complaints re. Henley boat.
Col James L TAYLOR, American Society Treasurer 97, 101, 105, 112, 115, 143. HSW forwarded donations to Bayard fund.
Charles THOMAS 484 enc. complimentary pocket medicine case
CJS THOMPSON 36, 75, 97, 133, 151, 152, 189, 269, 351, 364, 448, 462, 465, 467, 479. [ctd LB3] Most have cheques for CJST enclosed. The earlier letters re. HSW's book commission - 36 book to be lavishly illustrated; 151 152 & 189 completion of research in Dublin, Glasgow & Edinburgh libraries. Later letters re. purchase of books & manuscripts by CJST.
Raymond H THRUPP Freemason 203 Hiram Mark Lodge subscription J Kennedy TOD 200 re. donation to Bayard fund, which was sent to HSW see p203.
Chas TOOKE 435 enc. cheque
Wm Hastings TOONE Freemason 270 re. money owed to Fidelity Lodge
James TOWNSEND & SON, Exeter 217 re. protection of the term 'Tabloid'.
J TOWNSEND, Tollesbury, Essex 127 Terminated employment [worked for HSW when on yachting holidays].
J & ML TREGASKIN 454 enc. cheque for drawings.

Miss Genevieve UBSDELL 38, returned loaned book 'The Damnation of Thereon Ware' by Frederick Harold
UNION STEAM SHIP CO LTD 268 booked berth to Madeira for Mr H Wilton.
Miss Florence H UPTON 1, 5 [ctd LB3] re. American Society 'Thanksgiving Souvenir Album', 5 being payment
W URQUHART-DAVEY 337, 463 enc. cheques.

FC VAN DUZER, Freemason. re. Freemason Business 140, 163, 238, 327. 140 RMIG donation; 163 re. visiting American Freemasons attending a Lodge; 238, 336 & 341, re. Columbia Lodge, inc. limiting membership to Americans or British by birth; 327 RMBI donation;
Re American Society 122-123, 162, 195, 226, 227, 249, 253, 298, 300, 351, 373, 381-384, 415. Mainly payments to Society. Also many re. Bayard Cup inc. 122, re. illustrations for the souvenir menu and 381-384 where HSW complained about the fund for the banquet and cup. Also 162 Amendment to Society Rules; 242 resignation of TC Stratton; 298, enc. donation to Maine Memorial Fund; 373 ticket for the Independency Banquet
Sir JR Somers VINE 206 enc. complimentary medicine case
Mrs Ralph VIVIAN 149, 317. 149 ms inserted copy - declined invite to American Victoria Jubilee memorial enc. subscription; 317 Johnson checked that subscription had been sent.

TA WALL, RMM Vice Consulate, Old Calabar, Niger Coast Protectorate, West Africa 53 Thanks for present of 'paddles' - sends complimentary bottle of Piperazine.
Fred C WALLIS 376 enc. cheque.
Hartley WALSON 128 donation to WH Denny Testimonial Fund
A Lee WARD 6 returned 'Washington Arms'
J WARD Florist 131 settled account.
SW WARD, Freemason 340 accepted invitation
WH WARD & CO 250, 301, 361, 487, 494. HSW ordered engraving copies of Bayard Cup [and Kirby Memorial].
Dr JJ WEDGEWOOD, Freemason 320, 350, 446, 461. 320 enc. votes for RMBI; 350 enc. cheque for services [to BW&Co]; HSW loaned Washington portrait.
CC WELD 29 HSW sent a selection of gifts for CW to pass out to the 'Principal Managers' in the leading Indian houses, also terms of sale to Smith, Stanistreet & Co and Kemp & Co - including '20% discount and 5% rebate on the usual conditions';
Mr & Mrs WELD, Medina New York 417, 420, 427. re. their son Corning Weld's illness and recovery from pleuro-pneumonia.
Rev George T WELLCOME 277, 294. re. Wilbur Ward an attorney in South Bend.
Henry S WELLCOME 62-65, 325. 62 c/o Lotus Club New York, Update from Johnson who forwarded letters, mentions Daniel Myers, mainly re. Souvenir Albums for Queen, Prince of Wales and Lord Salisbury - inc. code for telegrams, 325 Johnson to HSW enc. letters from SW Fairchild, Liebreich, and a message from Sudlow re. Columbia Lodge.
WESTERN CHEMISTS ASSOCIATION, Mr Herbert Cracknell 2, 245 tickets to annual dinner.
WHEELER & CO 30, 366 enc. cheques.
F Marshall WHITE 388 Johnson wrote regretting HSW was unable to respond although he had 'deep sympathy with all true progressive movements in the United States'
WHITEFRIARS CLUB, George H Perkins 12, 340, 470 enc. membership subscriptions.
Wm WHITELY 119, 120 enc. payment.
J Hamgac WHITING Co, New York 83, 110, 119a, 125, 126, 129, 158-160, 205, 208. Order for, & details of, the Bayard testimonial cup from the American Society- designed by HSW [NB 83 v blurred, 209 cancelled copy of 208].
David E WILKIE, Ohio 316 replied to a message in a bottle HSW found on the beach, Porto Santo, Madeira
W Lloyd WILLIAMS, Phoenix Mills, Dartford 58, 61, 178, 434, 443. 58 forwarded letters re. marriages of employees [p.57]; 61 [28 Dec] lateness of HSW's Christmas cards arriving to employees at Dartford; 178 Weld deputising in Sudlow's absence; 434 enc. cheque for Dartford YMCA; 443 Messrs Raisin, Bax and Belthle to visit Acacia Hall to discuss gymnasium facilities;
Dr Andrew WILSON, Edinburgh 293 enc. cheque
John WILSON, Glasgow 212 enc. cheque for 47 ivories, also requested purchase of a further 12.
John WILSON, JP 7 congratulated on election as Mayor of Harrogate. Also enc. a gift of a golden effigy of the lamb 'Lano' at Carlisle
PH WISER Man Rato 114 re. Mr Shabut's death.
Leo M WOELL, Germany 73, 74, 207. re. acquisition of a copy of 'Nippon' a description of Japan by von Siebold.
WOLFE & SON, Job Masters 433 enc. cheque
AC WOOTTON 370, 391. 370 HSW asked for an address; 391 re. possible Anglo-American Exhibition.
Wh WRIGHT, Derby, Freemason 301, 375. re. interview for WW's pupil.

YWCA, Mrs LM Hamilton, Dartford 81, 293, Mrs Isabel Edgar 324. Annual subscription and donations

Fred YATES 15 very faint -enc. cheque, re. care taken of 'Jacques'.[dog?]

The following were standard letters sent with wedding gifts - sometimes noted in pencil - sent primarily to Dartford employees [see p.58]:-
Mrs EJ ASSELL 292 'brass fender'
Mrs BECKLEY 78 'sideboard'
Mrs Horace BECKLEY 386
Charles WE BOWKER 57 'set of trays'
Mrs BUGGS 183
Mrs BULL 295
Mrs BUTLER 201
Miss E CURD 103
Miss DAVIS 395
RA FULLAGAR 414 'Fender & fire irons'
Mrs Albert GAY 379
Mrs GRIFFITHS 78 'sideboard'
Mrs HARTRIDGE 73 Cancelled 77 'sideboard'
Mrs WJ HILL 171
Mrs Arthur HORTON 260 'sideboard'
Mrs HUBBLE 137 'Cruet'
Mrs KNIGHT Dartford 193
Mrs MARTIN 138 'sewing machine & clock'
Mrs John OUTRAM 224
EA PHILBRICK 70 'clock'
Mrs REDDISH 137 'armchair'
Miss EL SALMON 272
Albert SAMSON 57 'cruet'
Chas SIMMONS 365 'dinner service'
Miss Emily TARRANT 79 'sideboard'
AE WARDEN 254 'sewing machine'
Mrs WRIGHT 193

In the index the following entries are made:
Dr Luis COBBETT, private file
Dr DOWSON private file, ditto 3/7/1898 [sic]


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