Lanoxin [first marketed UK in 1939]

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Lanoxin- brand digoxin, cardioactice glycoside for digitalis therapy, used in patients with congestive heart failure and certain cardiac arrhythmias, especially auricular fibrillation. Available in tablet form, 0.25 mg. paediatric/Geriatric tablets 0.0625 mg. or emergency treatment via injection.

Folders 1-4.
Product Information No. 6 Lanoxin, by Marketing Division , 1969; Book 'Lanoxin'; leaflet on 'The healing plants', digitalis; Lanoximeter for measuring heart rate and dosage estimation based on creatinine clearance; "Dear Doctor" and "Dear Sir" letters; numerous press cuttings and colour transparency's of product packaging.

Folder 5.
Lanoxin (1957-1960).
1957-Dosage information and leaflets.
1958-Data sheets, leaflets and brochures.
1959-Data sheet; leaflets and brochure and dosage chart.
1960-Data sheet.

Folder 6.
1961-brochures, leaflets and booklets.

Folder 7.
1962- note pad paper; booklet, confidential only for B.W. and Co agents and staff; leaflets. Booklet on Lanoxin Aspects of Heart Failure and its Treatment.
1963-Data sheets; leaflets and brochure.

Folder 8.
1964-Pocket dosage chart and other dosage charts; data sheets; leaflets; heart rate rule; 'Lanoximeter'
1965- 'Digitalis intoxication' leaflet and 2 other leaflets on Lanoxin.
1966-'Lanoximeter'; list of lanoxin products available; leaflet.

Folder 9.
1967-leaflet 'four facts you should know about 'Lanoxin' Digoxin'.
1968-leaflet 'precise control'; 'professional sample for your emergency bag' dosage chart.
1970- Dosage chart and leaflet, 'Why specify Lanoxin'.
1972-laminated dosage chart.
1973-Symposium: "Digoxin bioavailability2, leaflet on Chairman and speakers, morning and afternoon seasons.

Folder 10.
1974-Postgraduate Medical Journal; brochure includes background information; card, introducing Lanoin-125 Tablets (0.125mg); Data sheet.
1975- Lanoxin dosage card.

Folder 11.
1976-'Lanoxirule' and 'Lanoximeter', 2 brochures
1977-A4 sheet, 'Lanoxin Wellcome Research into practice'.
1978-brochure 'Clinical trends in digoxin therapy', dosage chart; data sheet; leaflet, 'Lanoxin doesn't gamble with affairs of the heart'.
1979-Dosage chart, laminated.

Folder 12.
1980-Dosage chart.
1981-Description of product, product specifications, drug interaction chart, full disclosure.

Folder 13.
Lanoxin Overseas.
Brussels: brochure and leaflets c. 1960.
Canada: Booklet from the medical department of B W &Co. 1967; dosage chart, 'Lanoximetre'.
Denmark: leaflet, 1967.

Folder 14.
Lanoxin Overseas.
Finland: several booklets on Lanoxin; brochure, dosage chart, letter, postcards, 6 different images with Lanoxin information on reverse.

Folder 15.
Lanoxin Overseas - France : several booklets on Lanoxin; brochure, 2 plastic dosage charts and a letter.

Folder 16.
Lanoxin Overseas - Germany : a booklet; a pamphlet and a A4 advert on Lanoxin.

Folder 17.
Lanoxin Overseas - Indonesia: 3 information sheets and 1 pamphlet.

Folder 18.
Lanoxin Overseas - Netherlands: 1 booklet on Lanoxin.

Folder 19.
Lanoxin Overseas - Norway: "Dear Doctor" letter; postcard and 2 pamphlets.

Folder 20.
Lanoxin Overseas - Switzerland: 1 booklet on Lanoxin; postcards, 5 different images with Lanoxin information on reverse; 1 pamphlet.

Folder 21.
Lanoxin Overseas - Thailand: 1 laminated poster showing circulation in heart; 1 notepad and pamphlet.

Folder 22.
Lanoxin Overseas - United States of America: several pamphlets, undated.

Folder 23.
Lanoxin Overseas - United States of America (1971 - 1977) several booklets and brochures ect. on Lanoxin.

Folder 24.
Lanoxin Overseas - United States of America (1978-1981) Include booklet 'History of a heart attack', letters and pamphlets.

Folder 25.
Lanoxin Overseas - United States of America (1982-1984) Include booklets, letters and pamphlets.

Folder 26.
Lanoxin Overseas - Various countries, include Greek and Russian? Folder Includes booklets, data sheets and pamphlets.

Folder 27.
Lanoxin UK Material- Folder includes a notepad in plastic wallet, 'Lanoxin- PG'; plastic 'Lanoxin' measuring gauge; pamphlet on PG tablet and range of tablets, notepad 'Migril' and 'Lanoxin'.

See also DIGOXIN - WF/M/PL/088.



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