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2T records: 2T375-2T388 [missing 2T386]

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2T375 [COOR/79]: Michael Foster, Elisabeth Solomon, Sean Russell, Rosemary Barnitt, David Evans, "The John Courage Berkshire Brewery: A Human Resources Review Audit".

2T376 [COOR/80]: Michael Foster, "The Case of the Courage Brewery".

2T377 [RW/PR/2T105]: Rosemary Welchman, "A Further Look at Refreshment Breaks in the Work Context: A Review of Recent Work on the Reduction of Industrial Fatigue and the Effects of Rest Pauses".

2T378 [COOR/81]: Hugh Murray, "Moving to a New Work Location: Personnel and Organisational Considerations".

2T380 [COOR/82]: Hugh Murray, "The Organisation of Work in Employment Rehabilitation".

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2T381: Michael Floyd, Eva Gregory, Hugh Murray, Rosemary Welchman, "Schizophrenia and Employment: Summary of Final Report".

2T382: Eric J. Miller, "UNDP Philippines Project. Region VII: Organization and Management Aspects of the Urban and Rural Projects Proposed for World Bank Financing. Working Notes - I".

2T383: Linden Hilgendorf, "Learning in Work Experience Schemes".

2T384: Elliot Stern, Linden Hilgendorf, "Developing Learning at Work: Review Paper prepared for Manpower Services Commission".

2T385: Barry Poyner, "Office Workers Views on Refreshment Facilities".

2T387: F.E. Emery, Michael P. Foster, Dorothy F. Paddon, P. Pentony, "Report on Environmental Pollution".

2T387 [COOR/83]: "A Series of Projects in Public Planning".

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2T388: Burkard Sievers, Heijo Rieckmann, W. Gordon Lawrence, Michael Foster, "The Role of the Parties Concerned in the Design and Setting up of New Forms of Work Organization: A Comparison of Six Greenfield Site Projects".

2T379 [EDRU CALM no. 3376]: Elliot Stern, "Welfare Crisis in Britain: a preliminary assessment".



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