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Nicotine Levels in Body Fluids

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Paton, Sir William Drummond Macdonald (1917-1993), Pharmacologist
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The file, with index to front paper-wrap, contains the following papers germane to the work of the Committee: Feyerabend, Higenbottam and Russell, "Nicotine concentrations in urine and saliva of smokers and non-smokers" (1982, photocopy); Russell, et al, "Relation of nicotine yield of cigarettes to blood nicotine concentrations in smokers" (1980, photocopy); Russell, Jarvis and Feyerabend, "A new age for snuff?" (1980, cutting); Feyerabend and Russell, "Effect of urinary pH and nicotine excretion rate on plasma nicotine during cigarette smoking and chewing nicotine gum" (1978, photocopy); Petrakis, et al, "Nicotine in breast fluid of non-lactating women" (1978, photocopy); Russell and Feyerabend, "Cigarette-smoking: a dependence on high-nicotine boli" (1978, photocopy); Russell, Feyerabend and Cole, "Plasma nicotine levels after cigarette smoking and chewing nicotine gum" (1976, photocopy); Feyerabend, Levitt and Russell, "A rapid gas-liquid chromatographic estimation of nicotine in biological fluids" (1975, photocopy); Russell, et al, "Plasma nicotine levels after smoking cigarettes with high, medium and low nicotine yields" (1975, photocopy); Turner, Sillett and McNicol, "Effect of cigar smoking on carboxyhaemoglobin and plasma nicotine concentrations in primary pipe and cigar smokers and ex-cigarette smokers" (1977, photocopy); Armitage, et al, "Absorption and metabolism of nicotine from cigarettes" (1975, photocopy); Rickert and Robinson, letter to 'BMJ', "Carbon monoxide yield of cigarettes" (1980, photocopy); and several other letters (cuttings) to 'The Lancet' (1975).



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