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Words relating to sex litter the page between swirling patterns; representing an advertisement for safe sex by the Gay Men's Health Education Unit. Colour lithograph by Paull McKee.

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Whatever your reason for having sex ... have sex without regret. Safe. DASC ... FPSA ... ACSA ... The Second Story Youth Health Service ... SAVIVE ... Clinic 275 ... Design device: 376 0239; Produced by the Gay Men's Health Education Unit ... Illustration: Paull McKee. Bears lettering: Clinic 275 (STD Clinic) Bears lettering: SAVIVE. Bears lettering: The Second Story Youth Health Service. Bears lettering: ACSA (AIDS Council of South Australia) Bears lettering: FPSA (Sexual Health Helpline) Bears lettering: DASC (Drug & Alcohol Services Council)


    Credit: Wellcome Collection

    Free to use with attribution for non-commercial purposes

    CC BY-NC


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