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p.1 Appointment as Medical Superintendent June 1910.

p.2 Exploration of responsibilities, clinical work and staffing of Infirmary in 1910.

p.10 Report to Poor Law Guardians February 1911.

p.12 Medical Records, Case papers and charts 1911 and 1913.

p.17 Medical Superintendent's office 1910-13.

p.19 Work of Medical Superintendent, Medical Officers and Office Staff, 1913.

p.22 Card Index and Case paper filing system established, 1913.

p.25-43 Consultant staff - reports, approval, appointments and in operation 1915.

p.54 Transfer to London County Council 1930. Centralisation, staffing and salaries.

p.59 Arthritic Unit 1921-23.

p.61 Nose, Ear & Throat & Veneral Diseases Consultants 1923-9.

p.64 Psychiatric Consultant 1929.

p.66 Consultant Surgeon 1929.

p.67 Fracture Unit 1929-30.

p.69 Additional Consultants 1932.

p.70 Treatment of Syphilis.

p.72 Special cases.

p.74 Reports and Statistics 1910-20.

p.79 Training of Nurses 1910-13.

p.87 Nurse staffing 1914.

p.90 Outbreak World War 1 1914-1918.

p.93 Great Influenza Epidemic 1918 (see also p. 127).

p.94 Certificates, prizes and medals 1919; Examination of Nurses 1919

p.106 State Examination of Nurses 1924

p.108 War work of St Marylebone Infirmary nurses in World War I

p.115 Infirmary nursing during World War I 1914-18

p.122 Patient admissions 1913-1919

p.123 Medical Staff during World War 1 1914-18

p.127 Great Influenza Epidemic 1918-19 (see also p.93)

p.135A Influenza figures



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