George Brett posing.

[between 1984 and 1990?]
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The James Gardiner Collection.
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Independence : Not Just Books, Inc., [between 1984 and 1990?]

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1 photographic postcard; 14.8 x 10.4 cm


Dear James - It's been awhile since / we met - remember the American you met / saturday night at company who lives in / Hamburg - you rode me home on the back of / your bike. Anyway I came across your / postcard with your name and address / and thought I'd drop you note. I enjoyed / meeting you very much. I was in / Amsterdam recently (with my parents!) / but didn't make it out at night and / thought of you. I hope things are / going well, especially with your / latest book. By the way, we met at / the end of July - time sure flies. / If you're ever in Hamburg, look me up. / Love, John


This work is untitled: the title has been supplied by the cataloguer.
Photograph of George Brett, American baseball player, in Kansas City Royals' uniform with arms crossed.


Wellcome Collection 3289320i


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