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Two Clowns (artwork)


About this work


An artwork by "Psychiatric patient 7"which shows two "clowns" one of them on the left is the artist, shown with a conical hat as a witch. On the right a larger shape representing her cousin.. The knife shape is being inserted into him. It represents her feelings of failure to compete because of rain [?] etc. Ideas of magic: men had won from the start. Jealousy" The artist is the large 4-sided shape filling the left half of the sheet. The descriptions of the artworks are taken from notes written by Wellcome staff during conversations with Rita Simon between 1995 and 1997:

The title has been taken from notes made during conversations between Rita Simon and Wellcome staff between 1995 and 1997.

The date has been taken from information provided on the artwork as 12 February 1974

Rita Simon did not classify this artwork with a style.



Physical description

1 artwork Felt pen on red paper. 38.3 x 51.9 cm.

Biographical note

A girl, about 13 years old, referred to Rita Simon by Social Services. At the age of 4 she had had an epileptic fit, was put on anti-epileptic drugs, but forgot to take them and didn't have any more fits. She was diagnosed as "Phobic" and had to be forced to attend school. In secondary school she was placed in a class for children with learning difficulties. She brought her own paper and felt pens, did fragmentary drawings, then began to paint in a remarkable way. She became assertive and competitive and was very aggressive towards Rita Simon.

This information is taken from conversations between Rita Simon and Wellcome staff between 1995 and 1997.

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