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p.136 The Infirmary, its furnishings maintenance and equipment 1910-c.1928.

p.161 Lecture room 1925 X-ray Apparatus 1913-28.

p.175 Examination room 1915.

p.176 Emergency Dispensary.

p.177 Ward systems - female.

p.180 The Operating Theratre 1881.

p.182 - 1910 - 1930.

p.187 Ward and other equipment 1926-37.

p.193 Classification of wards and patients -1910-1941.

p.194 Pulmonary Tuberculosis.

p.195 Surgical cases Accident, Maternity, Venereal, Dermatological, Pediculosis, Scabies Dental.

p.196 Cancer General Medical Cardiovascular Pulmonary Kidney Chronic Gout.

p.197 Rheumatism Chronic Gout, Chronic Arthritis Chronic Gout, Anaemia Chronic Gout, Chronic Gout Mental.

p.198 Neurological cases and the Senile & Incontinent.

p.199 Children and Specific Fevers.

p.201 Patient Accommodation classification and segregation.

p.206 Plans of Female wards.

p.212. Plans of Male wards.

p.217 Transfers and Discharges - 1910-41.

p.221 Codes and Contractions for cases notes.

p.223. Patient Case Paper.

p.229 Patient Discharge or Transfer notes.

p.232 Professional Principle.



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