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Handyside, John Duncan (1923-2005) Papers
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Research Studies in Employee Effectiveness and Industrial Relations: papers presented at the annual autumn conference of the Personal Research Federation at New York, November 15, 1929, Western Electric Company Inc
A Rodger, "A Note on Validation", Admirality, Dec 1943 (typescript)
Experiment in Training for Personnel Management: Personal Diary of Cambridge Graduate during period of work as an hourly paid operator in a mass production plant, 2/7/46 to 21/9/46 (typescript)
Yoshikazu Ohwaki, "Psychological researchers on ther personality of the Aino children in comparison with the Japanese (1)", Tohoku Psychologica Folia XII, 3-4, 1951
K J W Craik, The Nature of Explanation (Cambridge University Press, 1952) (photo inserted ? Craik)
Yoshikazu Ohwaki, "Comparative researches on the personality of juvenile delinquents", Tohoku Psychologica Folia, XIII, 102, 1952
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John Cohen, "Lotteries and Premium Bonds", New Scientist, 7, c. 1960
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H E Roff and T E Watson, Job Analysis, Institute of Personnel Management, 1961
W J Reddin, "The 3-D Theory and the Practice of Management Effectiveness", IPM National Conference 1971, Sectional Meeting G: with flyers for Redding's Effective MBO (MPL), and AIC Managerial Effectivenss Courses Programme 1972; and page of ms notes (not in Handyside's writing) on the lecture D Fitzgeorge, "Pocket electric calculator solves engineering problems", CME, Apr 1974
W R Hartsoton and R D Mottram, Personality profiles of managers: a study of occupational differences Industrial Training Research Unit Publication SL9, 1975 (includes page of manuscript calculations by Handyside)
A G P Elliott, "An Enquiry into the Effectiveness of the Selection for the Systems and Programming Staff of Bank of Ireland", Feb 1976 (typescript)
Michael Kirton, "Adaptors and Innovators: A Description and Measure", Journal of Applied Psychology 61, 1976
Address by K G Corifeld to the Administration Conference, 7 Oct 1976, "The world of change and increasing change" (typescript)
"Some problems of the Diplomatic Service", "I thought you might be interested to have this extract from a note of Mr Tuck's recent visit to DS posts in Moscow, Rome, and Lagos" A H Iliffe, 20 Jun 1978 (typescript)
Michael Kirton, "Adaptors and innovators: The way people approach problems", unidentified periodical, 1980
Neville Cooper, Solving the Unemployment Crisis, paper presented at the AGM of the Christian Association of Business Executives, Nov 1983
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Nick Kelly, "Norm-referenced assessment centres", Training and Development, Jun 1987
Alan Jones, "Estimation of the utility of an assessment centre against training and operational outcomes", paper presented at British Psychological Society Occupational Psychology Conference, Manchester, 4-6 Jan 1988 (typescript)
N D N Belham, "The practical physics of hearing aids", British Medical Journal, 305, Dec 1992
Philip J Corr and Jeffrey A Gray, "Attributional style, socialisations and cognitive ability as predictors of sales success: a predictive validity study", Personal and individual differences, 18, 1995
Robert T Taylor, "The Study of an Assessment Centre using Neural Networks"
"Draft: Improving the Quality of Managers" ms



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