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Correspondence II

Part of
Leytham, G. W. (b.1913): Papers Relating to E. C. Tolman (1886-1959)
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File contains carbon copies of Tolman's typed correspondence. Details include:

Handwritten letter from Fred(?) University of Oregon, re: request for reprint (answered by K. D. Tolman), 21/12/1959

Letter to and from Dr. Kenneth B. Clark, President, Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, New York, re: invitation to Tolman to serve on the Curt Lewin Memorial Award Committee (accepted), 14/10/59

Letter to and from Professor Kenneth R. Hammond, University of Colorado, "Causal Texture reprint, go ahead 14/10/59

Letter to and from Professor E. Lowell Kelly, University of Michigan, re: invitation to Tolman to speak at their colloquia, (turned down), 28/08/59

Handwritten letter (with envelope) from Lisa We(?), 510 East Magnolia Street, re: correct address

Letter from John Garcia, 5044 Fairfax Avenue, California, re: request for academic reference, 01/08/59

Letters (4) to and from Mr. Hugh L. Dryden, Home Secretary, National Academy of Sciences, re: Tolman's manuscript of the biographical memoir of George Malcolm Stratton, 29/07/59

Letter to and from (handwritten) Dr. R. E. Hartley, University of Miami re: answers to theory questions, 27/07/59

Letter to and from (handwritten) Dr. Raymond E. Hartley, University of Miami re: comments requested on Hartley's forthcoming reprint, 13/07/59

Letter to Dr. Helen Peak, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, re: Tolman's comments on Dr. Peak's papers, 09/07/59

Letters (3) 1 handwritten in Czech, , (1 postcard) to and from Marie Vagnerova-Tolmanova, Czechoslovakia, re: information whether Tolman's family are ancestors from her family (Tolman replies his family originate from England), 11/05/59

Letter to and from Dr. A. Kortlandt, Zoologisch, Amsterdam re: Tolman's current address, 08/06/59

Letter to and from Professor U. Seinto, University of Mandalay, re: request for Tolman's photograph (agreed), 28/05/59

Letter to and from Chester A. Willets, Editor-McGraw Hill Book Company, receipt of Tolman's book "Psychology: A Study of Science"and fifty reprints, 26/05/59

Letters (3) to Dr. Koch and Chester A. Willets, Editor-McGraw Hill Book Company, re: receiving a copy of volume 2 in the Koch series, 13/05/59

Letter to Professor Robert H. Knapp, Connecticut, (telephone message slip attached), re: letter of support for Nevitt Sandford as visiting Professor, Wesleyan University, 30/04/59

Letter to and from Dr. Marvin Feldman, University of Buffalo re: request to Tolman to write job recommendations (accepted), 24/04/59

Letter to Mr. Aratole A. Smirnov, Academy of Pedagogical Science, Moscow re: thanking Mr. Smirnov for sending four Russian books on psychology, 21/04/59

Letter to and from Mrs. Berta Jane Mendelsohn, Western Reserve University, re: reprints request, 31/03/59

Letter to and from Dr. Joshua A. Fishman, University of Pennsylvania re: invitation to Tolman to participate in the Division 9 (SPSSI) annual meeting in Cincinnati (declined due to ill-health) 16/02/59

Letter to and from Chester A. Willets, Editor-Mcgraw Hill Book Company, re: announcement date for publication of "Psychology: A Study in Science", 20/01/59

Letter to and from Dr. Kazuo Hara, Standford University re: name and address of Dr. Sato, 15/01/59

Letter to Dr. Koji Sato, Kyoto Japan, re: picture sent to Tolman, 15/01/59

Letter to(1- draft) and from Mr Robert Schweers, California re: Mr. Schweers present occupational activities and gratitude for reference, 14/01/59

Letter to the Executive Secretary, Trustees of Atoms for Peace Awards, Inc. re: invitation to Tolman to attend a ceremony and reception (declined), 12/01/59

Letter to Mr. Howard Allen, Howard Allen Inc. Publishers, re: request for comments on DeMartino's and Stacey's Understanding Human Motivation book, 06/0159

Letter to Dr. Kazuo Hara, Standford University, re: picture, 05/01/59

Letter to John Wiley & Sons, New York, re: book order for Heider's Psychology of Interpersonal Relations, 05/01/59



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Deposited in the Wellcome Library by the British Psychological Society in September 2008.

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