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Chain, Professor Sir Ernst Boris
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It should be noted that most of the material in this Section is additional to the list and copies of Chain's publications which appear at G.1. Chain did not regularly keep copies of his drafts and notes for scientific papers after they had appeared in print. There is often correspondence about his publications, and occasionally drafts and background material have survived; these are indicated in the entries and referenced to the bibliography in the form (Bibliog. ...).

The majority of the Section, however, contains drafts, notes and version for speeches and papers not listed in the bibliography; they are on both technical and general scientific topics and intended for a variety of readers or audiences. The related correspondence often includes some scientific or personal matter, or deals with honours conferred on Chain.

The sequence G.2-G.125 is not exhaustive. Other similar material can be found in the appropriate Sections, e.g. on penicillin (Section B), given at Rome (Section C), at symposia (Sections E, F, J) on Jewish occasions (Section H).



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