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The Physiological Society's Photographic Collection

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Physical description

117 files, 11 boxes of loose photographs, 22 oversize boxes/ folders, 22 loose photographs, 3 OS volumes, 102 CDs, 5 floppy discs (3.5 inches), 16 audio cassettes


The present arrangement of the photographs reflects their provenance. They fall into four major categories: members' election photographs; photographs taken by Lewis; photographs taken by Rosenberg; and miscellaneous photographs from a variety of sources.

Biographical note

The Physiological Society's photograph collection was started by H E Lewis who acted as official photographer for the Society. He kept the collection at his laboratory at the National Institute for Medical Research in Mill Hill. At this time, the collection largely consisted of the photographs of members taken by Lewis, as well as a few photographs given to the Society by members. In 1973 the management of the photographic collection was passed to F S Nashat at the Middlesex Hospital Medical School, and in 1982 to Martin Rosenberg at St Bartholomew's Hospital Medical School. In 1992, the collection moved to Queen Mary and Westfield College, and in 1993 it was united with the rest of the Physiological Society's archive when it was transferred to the Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine. Rosenberg continued in his role of official photographer for the Society.

As well as Lewis and Rosenberg's photographs, the collection contains many photographs that were sent to the Physiological Society by Society Members and others. Many of these are copies of older photographs and often the providence has not been fully recorded.

Finding aids

Online Archives and Manuscripts catalogue. Hard copy catalogue available at the Wellcome Library.

Location of duplicates

Copies of the following photographs are held digitally by Wellcome Images. These can be accessed via the Wellcome Library's website (Wellcome image reference number is in brackets). SA/PHY/Z/2/1/3 (Wellcome Image reference: L0026807) SA/PHY/Z/2/1/31 (L0026803); SA/PHY/Z/2/1/178 (L0026804); SA/PHY/Z/2/3/26 (L0026345) SA/PHY/Z/4/1/26 (L0026812); SA/PHY/Z/4/1/104 (L0023482); SA/PHY/Z/4/1/123 (L0026329) SA/PHY/Z/4/1/124 (L0026330); SA/PHY/Z/4/1/126 (L0026332); SA/PHY/Z/4/1/144 (L0026813) SA/PHY/Z/4/6/14 (L0026333); SA/PHY/Z/4/8/1 (L0023485, L0023484, L0023483) SA/PHY/Z/4/9/3 (L0029645); SA/PHY/Z/4/9/5 (L0029646); SA/PHY/Z/4/9/6 (L0029644) SA/PHY/Z/4/9/8 (L0029647); SA/PHY/Z/4/9/10 (L0029648); SA/PHY/Z/4/9/11 (L0025166) SA/PHY/Z/4/9/13 (L0029649); SA/PHY/Z/4/9/18 (L0029650); SA/PHY/Z/4/9/20 (L0023486) SA/PHY/Z/4/9/21 (L0029652); SA/PHY/Z/4/9/27 (L0026811); SA/PHY/Z/4/9/29 (L0026809) SA/PHY/Z/4/9/30 (L0026910); SA/PHY/Z/4/9/31 (L0026908); SA/PHY/Z/4/9/45 (L0029653) SA/PHY/Z.4/9/46 (L0028707); SA/PHY/Z.4/9/47 (L0028708); SA/PHY/Z/4/9/48 (L0029654) SA/PHY/Z/4/9/49 (L0029655); SA/PHY/Z/4/9/50 (L0026341); SA/PHY/Z/4/9/51 (L0026339) SA/PHY/Z/4/9/52 (L0023487); SA/PHY/Z/4/9/53 (L0026343); SA/PHY/Z/4/9/54 (L0026344) SA/PHY/Z/4/9/57 (L0026342); SA/PHY/Z/4/9/58 (L0026335); SA/PHY/Z/4/9/78 (L0029656) SA/PHY/Z/4/9/87 (L0029657); SA/PHY/Z/4/9/98 (L0029658); SA/PHY/Z/4/9/108 (L0023179)


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