Gwen Prout stamp collection vol.6 Nobel Prize Medicine 1926-1944

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The volume comprises a collection of stamps, first day covers, biographies and press cuttings about various winners of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine awarded between 1926 and 1944. Some of the items come with annotations and captions made by Gwen Prout. The stamps come from all over the world covering Europe, North America, South America and Oceania.

The volume covers the following Nobel Prize winners:

1926: Johannes Andreas Grib Fibiger

1927: Julius Wagner-Jauregg

1928: Charles Jules Henri Nicolle

1929: Christiaan Eijkman and Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins

1930: Karl Landsteiner

1931: Otto Heinrich Warburg

1932: Sir Charles Sherrington and Edgar Adrian

1933: Thomas Hunt Morgan

1934: George Hoyt Whipple, George Minot and William Murphy

1935: Hans Spemann

1936: Sir Henry Dale and Otto Loewi

1937: Albert Szent-Györgyi von Nagyrapolt

1938: Corneille Jean François Heymans

1939: Gerhard Domagk

1943: Carl Peter Henrik Dam and Edward Adelbert Doisy

1944: Joseph Erlanger and Herbert Spencer Gasser



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