"Versehung des Leibs" (incomplete), followed by a "Practica" in prose (by Bartholomaeus Salernitanus [& others]?)

  • Louffenberg, Heinrich von, 1391-1460.
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view "Versehung des Leibs" (incomplete), followed by a "Practica" in prose (by Bartholomaeus Salernitanus [& others]?)

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"Versehung des Leibs" (incomplete), followed by a "Practica" in prose (by Bartholomaeus Salernitanus [& others]?). Public Domain Mark. Source: Wellcome Collection.

About this work


Written by the same hand throughout, in a semi-current rounded gothic hand, 21-22 lines to a page.

Initials, paragraph marks and headings in red.

Astronomical diagrams in red and black on pp.52-3 and tables on pp.55 and 57 - the latter partly cut away.

p.47 line 4: "[Berechnung des Neumondes] Wiltu nun wunder wissend sin / Wo sige des monatz nuwer sthin /..."

p.332, line 12: "Dis buchelin vollende / Wart gedichtet sunderbar / Do man zalt tusent jar / Vierhundert nien und zwentzig iar /..."

pp.333-334: The upper part of this leaf has been cut away, but it contains verses beginning: "Wie min nam genant sy / Der dis het gedichtet ye / Der rot mir dis ratschen hie / ..." The first letters of the rest of the poem, so far as they survive, read "HEINRIKH LO", and on p.334 "VON FRYBVRG EIN P".

pp.336-end: contain a "Practica" in prose, the first leaf of which is wanting. This begins with a dietary for the months: "In dem genner machtu woltzuo ädern lossen": prognostics for illnesses, critical days, influence of the planets, etc.: on blood-letting, baths, purging, etc.: on urines: a short herbal, and some medical receipts. This last section appears to be a version of the German "Practica" by Barthlomaeus Salernitanus [& others], and he is actually named on p.452 line 6: "Dis buch dichtet meister Bartholomeus und name / es usz einem buch heisset brat / ica..."

The watermark on the paper - a horizontal Gothic P - seems to be Briquet's no.8605, assigned to Nantes 1469 and Leyden 1467-69.

At the end of the text of the prose-work are two roughly drawn armorial shields, and the inscription "Hanns Jacobs / vom Stall ist / possessor huius libri / 1373." Hence it would seem that this MS. must be a copy made in the second half of the 15th century of a copy made in 1429 of a 14th century original.



Physical description

1 volume


4to. 20.5 x 14 cm.

Modern vellum binding, over wooden boards, from a leaf of a 14th century Service book.

pp.1-46, 93/4, 217/8, 285/6 and 335 are missing; pp. 57-60, 63/4, 67-76, 81-88, 95/6, 99-120, 127-136, 141/2, 145-148, 155/6, 161/2, 175/6, 183/4, 191-194, 207/8, 227-230, 239/40, 247/8, 255-262, 265-268, 273/4, 277/8, 283/4, 289/90, 311/12, 317/20 and 327/8 are badly mutilated.

Except for fragments remaining on p.100 and p.247 all the water-colour illustrations have been cut out roughly.

Acquisition note

Purchased 1932 (acc.65639A)

Finding aids

Database description transcribed from S.A.J. Moorat, Catalogue of Western Manuscripts on Medicine and Science in the Wellcome Historical Medical Library (London: Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, 1962-1973).

Ownership note

Ex-libris of Theodor Engelmann of Basel, who made a transcript of this manuscript (held as MS.439) and is the author of an article "Über eine schweizerische medicinische Handschirft des XV Jahrhunderts (1429)", which appeared in a Festschrift Dr. Fritz Sarasin 1919 printed in the Beiträge zur Anthropologie, Ethnologie und Urgeschichte. In this the author states that he bought this MS. in Olten about 1880, and that it had come from the "alter Dennler'sche Apotheke in Langenthal."


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