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Many of the files in PP/CRI/E comprise correspondence only, much of it concerned with travel arrangements and other practical details. However, many letters provide valuable 'snapshots' of ongoing theoretical and practical research concerns which supplement information available from other files. Many files contain 'speaking notes' (Crick usually spoke from brief notes rather than a prepared text), some photographs relating to specific meetings, and some lecture texts and transcriptions. Most fully-developed texts, however, are to be found in PP/CRI/H (Notes and Drafts). There are additional manuscript notes for lectures given by Crick in series PP/CRI/L/6.

In addition to extensive Meetings Attended files (PP/CRI/E/1), there is a smaller group of files of Invitations Refused (PP/CRI/E/2) and a single Invitations Pending file (PP/CRI/E/3/1).

Unless publication had been otherwise agreed, conference organizers who requested the text of a lecture in advance usually met with a response not dissimilar to the following letter to Dr Jerome B Wiesner (16 April, 1965):

"Dear Dr Wiesner,

I have had an invitation from Dr Stretton to talk at the Symposium on Molecular Patterns of the Cell at MIT on 2nd December 1965. I should be very happy to accept such an invitation, provided no manuscript of any sort is required. In particular, I should stress that I am not prepared to have my talk taped and an [sic.] manuscript produced from that.

Dr Stratton says 'we would need to have some word of your prepared remarks about one month in advance'. What 'word' does he have in mind? I always speak from very brief notes. Perhaps you could reassure me on this point." (PP/CRI/E/1/13/18)



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