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A typed list, arranged in three columns ("Reg. No. of enquiry", "Name" and "Remarks"), showing 18 items, names as follows:
Smilax Kraussiana (root) from Zanzibar;
Strychnos potatorum (seeds, leaves and bark) from India;
Moosa (bark) derived from Kigelia Moosa;
Ninkon fruit (dried fruits);
Musali (bark) derived from a species of Garcinia closely allied to Garcinia Buchanani;
Baobab (leaves and fruit) derived from Adansonia digitata;
"Calmatamba" (bark and expressed extract of leaves), probabaly derived from Canthium glabrifolium;
"Kundi" (beans, oil and dried bark);
"Fue" (fruit, leaves and bark);
"Kimboyufe" (fluid extract of fresh herb, powdered roots and leaves);
"Ojuologbo" woody vine (fluid extract of leaves, extract of roots, dried root bark);
"Grogbounse" (dried bark of root, from a species of Uvaria);
"Brimstone" (extract of fresh leaves, dried roots and aqueous extract of dried plant, seeds);
"Pongui" (bark) from a species of Anthocleista;
rough skinned plums (dried bark), from Parinarium excelsum;
Madingo butter tree (roots), from Pentadesma butyracea;
"Chewing stick" (percolated tincture of roots), from Cola acuminata;
"Rere" (extract of whole herb, seeds, dried whole plants, from Cassia occidentalis

The title sheet notes that "statements in the Remarks column are in all cases supplied to the Imperial Institute by the local authorities in the colonies from which the drugs are obtained. They represent merely native opinions and should be accepted with reserve."

The list is referred to in Perrédès to Power, 28 October, 1907 (WF/WCRL/06/01) as being received from the Experimental Dept, Dartford.



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