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The chemical formulae and processes were the focus of the work of WCW and represent a key business asset.

According to the statement made by Jowett at the beginning of WF/CW/18/07/01 there were originally a number of formula books held by the Chemical Works pre 1897. In 1897 Power, head of WCRL, and Hoile, head of the Analytical Department, rationalised the existing formulae and copied them into 4 locked volumes [identified as WF/CW/18/02]. These were then held by the Works Record Department.

In 1907 a loose leaf system was implemented (see WF/CW/18/07) with a copy held at Head Office, the Works Record Department and the Manufacturing Department. It seems that the book system was also retained.

Jowett notes that each manufacturing department originally made out its own formulae at first but later this function came under the General Office.


[1881] - 1946

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