Suhaib Abu Ghosh, a 16 year old Palestinian boy shot in the brain and treated at al-Maqassad Hospital, East Jerusalem: Suhaib awake, looking at the artist. Drawing by Heather Spears, 1989.

  • Spears, Heather, 1934-
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1 drawing : pencil and white, green and red chalks on brown paper ; sheet 28.87 x 36.2 cm


Heather. Suhaib Abu Gosh Bears number: 291 Bears inscription in Arabic written by the subject's father: as described by the artist, "On the evening I made the last drawing of him (no. 291), I had forgotten my colours, and he was lying across a homemade flag. I left the drawing In his hands, begging him to write on it, and went off to fetch my colours. But when I got back he was asleep, and his father had written a polite, politically acceptable message on it for him: "From the children of the Intifada to the children of the free world, our greetings. We will meet when the occupation is over in our land of Palestine.". "


One drawing in a series depicting the same subject


Wellcome Collection 653494i


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