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This full set of minutes include lists of payments of wages and gratuities to staff giving their names and positions. In 1827 (H64/A/03/004) there are orders to the Treasurer for the payment of bills, contracts, servant wages and other items which are listed, for example (page 161):

'to Mr Dunston for Clothing Harriet Allen Mr Whitbread's Patient £3 13s'.

The minutes also include major cases and incidents arising in the hospital, and copy reports, for example, the investigation of certain charges brought against the Physician and other Officers by Captain John Grant (late 78th Regiment), patient. The report copied into the minutes gives a detailed summary of the Committee members visit to see Captain Grant:

'he lamented that he could not shew us a printed advertisement which he had circulated in September last in Edinburgh announcing his intention of appearing on the stage in various characters for the benefit of the distressed weavers.' The report continues by telling of how the Captain invited strangers and musicians to his house and how his daughters danced with them, how he 'struck his wife and children without cause' and how he spent over £300 on carriages and spents his time 'driving and dining' (see H64/A/03/004).



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In September 1750 the General Court of Governors appointed a Committee and resolved that 'they be impower'd to tale such steps as they shall think needfull for carrying out these designs (of a new hospital) into execution, and report their resolutions'. The Committee initially met on a weekly basis and consisted of 15 subscribers elected by the General Court, 'with assistance from other gentlemen during the infancy of this undertaking'. 5 members were required to make a quorum (source: H64/A/01/001).

Once established, the General Committee met mainly once a month and consisted of the President, Vice-president and Treasurer and 5 Governors named as lessees in the lease of the hospital's grounds, those who has paid over £100 toward the hospital and a further 24 Governors.

The General Committee had powers to:

- appoint sub-committees, including one called the Committee (House Committee)

- to hire manage and discharge staff

- keep buildings in repair and purchase provisions

- admit and discharge patients

- oversee debts, legacies, annual subscriptions

- make rules for the management of the hospital

In 1750 the General Committee Meetings were mostly held at the Jerusalem Coffee House and also at King's Arms Tavern, Exchange Alley, City of London. In 1827 Meetings were often held at Batson's Coffee House.

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For research notes using minutes 1751 - 1783 see H64/A/08/001

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This material has been digitised through a Wellcome Trust funded project and can be accessed freely online through the Wellcome Library catalogue.

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