The head of a man against a backdrop of drug-related illustrations with a message that safe use of cocaine does not transmit AIDS; an advertisement by Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V. Colour lithograph by Peder Iblher.

[between 1990 and 1999]
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About this work


Berlin (Nestorstrasse 8-9, 1000 Berlin 31) : Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V., [between 1990 and 1999]

Physical description

1 print : lithograph, printed in brown, blue and black ; sheet 83.9 x 59.2 cm


"Von Kokain allein kriege ich kein AIDS." Acid, Koks, Speed, Ecstasy - Modedrogen, mit denen zur Zeit viele Leute experimentieren. Ohne unbedingt durchzuknallen und jedes Mass zu verlieren; safer sex und überlegter Umgang mit Drogen bleiben wichtig für alle, die intensiv und lustvoll leben sollen. Safer Sex mit Kondom. Safer Use mit eigenem Besteck. Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V. Gestaltung: Peder Iblher. Translation of text: "From using cocaine alone I do not catch AIDS." Acid, coke, speed, ecstasy - fashionable drugs, which at the moment many people are experimenting with ... safer sex and considered use of drugs remain important for all those who live intensely and passionately Impression catalogued bears inscription in pencil at bottom: "This poster was forbidden to be published"

Copyright note

Peder Iblher [design] Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V. 199- Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V. 18/02/2009 Germany UkLW Transcription from the item


One poster in a series of four: see Wellcome Library catalogue nos. 674094i, 674100i, and 674102i for the other three


Wellcome Collection 674097i



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