Berlin (Germany)

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  • The painted faces of two men, one above the other, by Bruno; with the message that being HIV positive does not mean the end; an advertisement by Mann-O-Meter, the information and telephone service for gay men. Colour lithograph.
  • A man in a striped t-shirt with his arm around another man who helps him to walk down a hospital corridor with a wheelchair and drip stand near by; with an appeal for support for the Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe donation account for the special care of the sick. Colour lithograph by Ingo Taubhorn and Wolfgang Mudra.
  • Cartoon gay men sitting chatting on chairs with speech bubbles containing information on Schwulenberatung, an open discussion group and counseling service for gay men. Colour lithograph, 199-.
  • Resyl Name geschützt CIBA (Glyzerinäther des Guajakols) : gut resorbierbares Guajakol-Präparat.
  • The face of a man representing Positive Art, an exhibition of entitled 'Active Against AIDS' by the Café PositHiv painting group, Berlin featuring the work of the photographer Juergen Baldiga; an advertisement supported by Berliner AIDS-Hilfe and the Stop AIDS Project, Berlin. Colour lithograph by Jochen Stöcher & Achin Bodewig.
  • The song "Life, life" sung by Margot Werner: the CD (compact disc) recording in aid of Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe. Colour lithograph, 1993.
  • A pink piece of paper bearing the words 'AIDS' torn on one side against a turquoise background with the words 'Sehen sie klar? 'Schauen sie Vorbei!' [See it clearly? Look they pass!]; an advertisement for advice, assistance and information by the AIDS health counseling offices, Berlin. Colour lithograph by Sehstern.
  • A man in a white vest and jeans with his arms folded against a black background and the words in German: "My friend has AIDS. I may not be gay"; an anti-AIDS poster by Stefan Thiel. Lithograph.
  • A rent-boy leans against a bar holding a glass with a message endorsing safe sex. Colour lithograph for the Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V., 199-.
  • A male figure smiling as he descends with arms and legs outstretched to reveal his genitals; a safe sex advertisement by the condom makers, the Hot Rubber Company Deutschland, a department of the Deutschen AIDS-Hilfe e.V. Colour lithograph.