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These files appear to be Burroughs Wellcome & Co.'s copy of the minutes of the British Insulin Manufacturers committees.

Includes the minutes of the quarterly meetings, minutes of special meetings that were convened for the discussion of particular or urgent issues plus the various minutes of the sub-committees.



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The arrangement of these files should not be considered original order. They have been listed together as they are the only items in the collection that could be identified as being produced by BIM. as opposed to Burroughs Wellcome.

It is highly likely that the files originally belonged to one of the filing systems identified and listed in the rest of the BIM-Burroughs Wellcome collection. However, as all original order and provenance to this collection has been lost, they have been listed here for accessibility for the user.

These committees have been structured and named according to the description of the BIM. administrative structure given in the 1951 memorandum to the Monopolies and Restrictive Practices Commission (See WF/BIM/03). However, it is clear that other sub-committees was formed and reformed during the lifetime of the BIM to address particular issues.

For some of the committees no papers were found in this collection. Catalogue entries have been created to represent the hierarchy of the BIM and in case other material is subsequently discovered.

Biographical note

The Secretariship of the British Insulin Manufacturers (BIM) was rotated around the four member companies on a one to two year basis. The Secretary was responsible for compiling and distributing the minutes of each meeting to the members of the Committee.

The history of the sub-committees is much less clear and much less consistent. Five sub-committees were named in the 1951 report to the Monopolies commission (See RelatedMaterial), however, it appears that most of these committees were called upon when a more indepth discussion on a topic in their field was needed and did not necessarily meet regularly.

Although the main BIM committee always met at the Wellcome Research Institute on Euston Road, the meetings of the sub-committees rotated around the members' premises.

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