Copy letters: Frederick Gowland Hopkins to Henry Dale, Dale to A W Haggis

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Two copy letters, as follows:

Sir William Dunn Institute, Cambridge, 24 September, 1941, [Sir] F[rederick] G[owland] Hopkins to Sir Henry Dale, National Institute for Medical Research, Hampstead. Replying to Dale's letter of 22 September. "I am sorry to say that I fear I cannot give you any information of value about Burroughs." Hopkins saw Burroughs quite frequently "on the morning train going up to Town". Although they talked "very freely", Burroughs did not discuss "his business, and he certainly did not give the impression that he was thinking of developing research in connection with it." Hopkins goes on to say that it was Henry Wellcome who interviewed him with regard to a possible research position, on the strength of a recommendation by Cooper Perry (Guy's Hospital).

National Institute for Medical Research, Hampstead, 26 September, 1941, Sir Henry Dale to A W Haggis, Wellcome Historical Medical Museum, Euston Road, enclosing the above copy letter. Dale think that Haggis "may like to know that the offer to Sir Frederick Hopkins ... came from Mr Wellcome, and not, as he had supposed, from Mr Burroughs, who apparently had nothing to do with it."

The two letters, which appear to relate to Haggis's unpublished biography of Henry Wellcome (first draft, 1942), were discovered 'buried' within unrelated material comprising WF/WPRL/01/01.



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