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Experimental Notebook

  • Vane, Sir John, FRS (1927-2004), Pharmacologist
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Vane, Sir John Robert (1927-2004)
  • Archives and manuscripts

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File contains a Yale notebook, used after Vane had left Yale, with the title on the cover, "J.R.V. Notes". The volume is undated but the last references to journal articles are from 1964 which would probably date the notebook to between 1956 and 1964. The volume contains a series of notes including the following:

Diagrams of the chemical structures of nucleic acid bases (undated).

Notes on R.N.A and D.N.A and their functions (undated).

Notes on the biosynthesis of purines.

Diagrams of the chemical structures of pyrimidines (undated).

Notes, including chemical structures, on the functions of naturally occurring adenine dinucleotides & substituted mononucleotides.

Notes on the blood brain barrier.

Notes on a series of articles including the following:

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