Biliary cirrhosis 1905

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Parkes Weber, Frederick (1863-1962)
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This volume contains also notes and cuttings and references on Congenital and other Cystic diseases of Lung, for comparison with cystic liver and cystic kidneys--also notes and cuttings on (re diagnosis) suppurative pylephlebitis--with or (as usual) without recovery--see p. 32. This volume contains also notes and cuttings on various forms of xanthoma and 'pseudo-xanthoma elasticum' and also on 'colloid degeneration' of the skin ('colloid milium') (collagenous degeneration); and also on supposed 'meta-icteric' vitiligo. Notes and cuttings on choleolithiasis generally and its diagnosis. Cuttings etc on fatal haematemesis in hepatic cirrhosis (on this subject see also my collection on 'Ascites, operative treatment etc'. Cuttings on various forms of cystic liver. Cuttings on familial occurence of splenomegaly of uncertain origin. Notes and cuttings on long-continued jaundice due to choleolithiasis. Notes and cuttings on cholerestin (cholesterol) metabolism--experimental work in animals; cholesterol-excess in diet-- in relation to gallstones (choleolithiasis), xanthema, biliary and hepatic diseases, hypertrophy and diseases of the suprarenal capsules, arterial atheroma (aorta and pulmonary arteries especially), hepatic cirrhosis, granular kidneys, excessive blood pressure, and (?) chronic bronchitis and emphysema of the lungs. {On the whole question of hypercholesterinaemia etc, see especially further notes and cuttings in the second series of this collection}. For various cases of choleolithiasis and obstruction in the extra-hepatic ducts--especially notes regarding the urine in cases of obstructive jaundice--see collections 'Cancers of Extra-Hepatic Bile-Ducts, etc (Series I and II)'. Contains also some cases of hydatid of liver (see especially 2nd series of this collection, but see also volume on 'Simple jaundice etc 1903' re diagnosis etc



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