Burroughs Wellcome & Co Cost Book ("Tabloid - Colgate etc 1895 & Earlier")

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Large volume, with numbered pages and index at the front. Provides a breakdown of production/purchase costs and pricing information for a wide range of products. Occasional dates occur (1892 on p. 181, 1893 on p. 349, and 1894 on p. 281). Amongst many entries are:

pp. 1-44, tabloids;
pp. 59-66, hypodermic tabloids;
pp. 99-108, triturate tabloids;
pp. 150-172, pharmaceuticals, including Kepler preparations;
p. 181, elixoid;
pp. 201-204, Fairchild's preparations;
p. 206, Fellows Syrup;
p. 210 Lundborg's Perfumes;
pp. 211-214, pp 217-230 granulated powders and tabloids in bulk;
p. 216, Colgates Perfumes;
pp. 280-281, Colgate Goods;
pp. 300-302, Lanoline Stock;
pp. 325-327, Special Extracts;
p. 349, Gorlin's Cachets;
pp. 350-363 Sundries Stock;
pp. 364-85 Sundries Stock : medicine chests, listing standard stock for variant chests;
pp. 388-395, p. 400, Sundries.



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1 volume 1 volume, measuring 395 x 270mm, with brass lock (open). Binding sound, red leather covers poor.

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Copyright assigned to the Wellcome Trust

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