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Service Psychiatry Monographs 75-117

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Napsbury Mental Hospital, St Albans
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[70-74 missing]

75) Lt-Col F E C Lewis, Working policy of 'A' (ADV) Detachment, Re-allocation Centre (All Arms) CMF, 1944

76) Minutes of the 29th metting of command psychiatrists held on Friday 26th January, 1945, in the Conference Room, 39, Hyde Park Gate, London SW7

77) British psychiatric layout CMF, [n.d.]

78) Maj J W Wishart, Experiences as a psychiatrist with BNAF and CMF, Jan 1943 to Jan 1944 with special reference to the forward areas

79) Maj J W Wishart, My work in forward areas falls into two periods: - i) Jan 6th-Feb 14th with 19 CCS ii) Mar 25th April 10th with 70 General Hospital

80) Maj F P Haldane and Capt J L Rowley, The technique of the psychiatric interview at the Corps Exhaustion Centre, 1944

81) Maj F P Haldane and Capt J L Rowley, The principles and function of the psychiatric interview at the Corps Exhaustion Centre, 1944

82) Maj F P Haldane and Capt J L Rowley, Psychiatry at the Corps Exhaustion Centre: a technique of rapid psychiatric assessment, 1944

83) Cap Mustarde, Adjustment and mal-adjustment within the camp, [n .d.]

84) Notes of an informal meeting with US Army psychiatrists, Rome 16-17 Jun 1944

85) Proposed amendment to the War Establishment of Army Headquarters to provide for an Army Psychiatrist, [1944]

86) Maj H A C Mason, Contact between corps psychiatrist and units, [n.d.]

87) Eighth Army morale report for quarter ending 31 August 1944

88) Maj H D Hunter, Draft Administrative Instructions: psychiatric service in Eighth Army, [n.d.]

89) Maj H D Hunter, Addendum to Psych Memo no 5: Compassionate postings, 1944

90) Maj H D Hunter, Eighth Army psychiatric memoranda: notes and recommendations on issues affecting morale, no 5 Compassionate postings, 1944

91) Maj H D Hunter, Eighth Army psychiatric memorandum no 1: psychiatric casualties in battle, [n.d.]

92) The status of infantry, 1944

93) [Maj H D Hunter], Psychiatric organisation and policy in the Italian theatre of war, [n.d.]

94) D Hunter, Scrutinising the ego, 1944

95) Major H A C Mason, A review of 46 Division deserters, 1944

96) Major H A C Mason, Location of Bn rest areas, 1944

97) Maj C Kenton, Methods of disposal of psychiatric cases in the North Africa theatre of war, from the psychiatric unit, 95 General Hospital, BNAF, 1943

98) Maj C Kenton, 1. Monthly in-patient return 2 Revision of W E, 1944

99) Lt-Col S A MacKeith, Meeting of Allied psychiatrists, BNAF, held at 95 General Hospital, June 5th, 1943

100) Majors Wishart and Kenton arrived in Oran 22 Dec 1942...

101) Col C A Bridgeland for Maj-Gen, Chief Administrative Officer, Allied Force Headquarters, Formation of New Units - 'A' and 'B' base psychiatric centres RAMC (North Africa), 1943

102) Lt-Col H B Craigie, Brief resume of a group of 44 psycho-neurosis cases admitted to this [Bellsdyke Military] hospital from overseas on 24th July 1943

103) J M McFie, Duties of a corps psychiatrist, 1944

104) Psychiatric record sheet, [n.d.]

105) Circulation slip, [n.d.]

106) Key to psychiatric record code, form P 99, [n.d.]

107) Key to psychiatric record code, [n.d.]

108) Monthly statistics, 1944

109) Lt-Col T F Main, Quarterly report by the Adviser in Psychiatry - 21 Army Group BLA, 1944

110) [Lists of contents of equipment boxes for psychiatrists], [n.d.]

111) Minutes of the second meeting of Advisers in Psychiatry Armies/Commands, India Command, held of 17th, 18th & 19th February 1945 in the Medical Directorate, GHQ, New Delhi

112) Maj R J Phillips, Psychiatry at corps level, 1944

113) Rehabilitation, [n.d.]

114) Lt-Col A M Doyle, Psychiatry with the Canadian Army in action in the CMF, [n.d., c. 1945]

115) Notes on psychiatric disabilities in the Army, 1944

116) Memoranda: Notes on the efficient use of man-power of 15th January 1941, and The selection and allocation of Army personnel of 20th March 1941

117) Psychiatric statistics BNAF and CMF, 1943 January-June



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