Clinico-pathological conferences. 3, The case of Mr Lister I-III.

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A series of I, II and III programmes compiled together starting with an introduction to the case history of a patient, George Lister, who visits the doctor with his mother in 1940 aged 10 when they are interrupted by an air-raid. The examination proceeds in the shelter where he is prescribed bedrest for a swollen ankle. There is plenty of background information about the patient's lifestyle and back history. Thirty-six years later he returns to the doctor with pains in his chest. Part II resumes the story; the results of the chest x-ray and other tests are discussed by a doctor and consultant. He is prescribed beta blockers and a change in his lifestyle is recommended. Although he stops smoking he continues his stressful job as a ladies' panty-hose (tights) salesman. Six years later he has a tooth-ache; he is advised of the side-effects of anaesthetic and pain relief but later feels unwell and his wife calls the GP. In Part III, George feels better and goes out to celebrate. Unfortunately he over indulges in food and wine; subsequently he collapses and ends up in A&E. There is some debate about the exact nature of the problem with his heart. Whilst waiting for the consultant, he goes into cardiac arrest and dies.



Physical description

1 videocassette (21:37 min.) (DIGIBETA) : sound, colour.
1 videocassette (21:37 min.) (U-matic) : sound, colour.
1 DVD (21:37 min.) : sound, colour ; 12 cm.

Copyright note

Merck Sharp Dohme.
Access copy.


The Clinico-Pathological Conference (CPC) series of programmes started in 1975 and was designed to provide the pharmaceutical industry who sponsored their production with educational material to promote discussion with the medical profession. The programmes are rich in clinical interest and provide an insight into medical practice in the 1980s and 90s. Much greater emphasis was placed upon case history and a physical examination before the prevalance of CT scans and ultrasound. Originally there were eight sets of five programmes supplied as a boxed set (both set one made for Merck Sharpe & Dohme and set four are missing). The series was originally shot on film and then subsequently transferred to video whereupon some programmes and film elements have been lost or not retained as it was not cost effective to store them when no longer in circulation.
This set was awarded a Bronze award at the BMA Film Competition. It was originally shot on film and the only remaining copy is a videotape of the cutting copy.

Creator/production credits

Camera and lighting; Chris Connell and Michael Anderson. Sound; Bob Withey. Production; Gillian Abbott. Editor; Simon Manley-Cooper. Script Editor and Technical Advisor; Dr Malcolm Clarke. Written by Deanna Wilson, Simon Nicholas. Directed by Simon Nicholas.
Cast: George Lister; Richard Thorp, George's Mother; Jill Kerman, Joan Lister; Ysanne Churchman, Consultant; David Crosse, Registrars Valerie Murray and Gareth Armstrong, Senior House Office; Michael Sadler, General Practitioners Alastair Hunter and Philip Trewinnard.



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