"Report on Formulae and Secret Processes"

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Marked "Private and Confidential" (cover-sheet dated 13 January, 1916).

Divided into two sections, "Chemical" and "Compressed Drugs". The document looks at the specialist knowledge and the roles played by the following employees: F H Carr, H E Wilson, W F Thompson, S C Fidler, F G Chapman and W H Porter. Their dates of leaving the company are given (1914-1916), and the combination of skills and knowledge they possess is considered in terms of its commercial value to a rival company. The cover-note suggests some urgency in providing the report: "We have had to rush the matter through to catch this morning's messenger...."

In addition, there is a single sheet of notes (in pencil, date-stamped 12 January, 1916) referring to certain movements of the men listed above.



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