Photograph of three Maasai men in three-quarters profile.

[between 1950 and 1959?]
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view Photograph of three Maasai men in three-quarters profile.

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Photograph of three Maasai men in three-quarters profile. In copyright. Source: Wellcome Collection.

About this work

Also known as

Previous title, replaced July 2023: Three men of the Masai tribe. Photographic postcard by S. Skulina, 195-..


Photograph of three men heavily adorned with accessories including beads and earrings. The image is cropped focusing on the men's faces and upper body.


Nairobi : S. Skulina, Pegas Studio, [between 1950 and 1959?]

Physical description

1 photographic postcard ; 8.9 x 13.9 cm


East Africa. Masai. Edition: "Africa in pictures"


The following description was provided by James Gardiner: " 'Ethnic nudes' of both sexes form a category of postcard that has been eagerly collected since the 1900s."
This work is untitled: the title has been supplied by the cataloguer.


Wellcome Collection 2045938i


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