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Photograph of four people sat around a large black table in a plain white walled room. In teh background the open wooden door can be seen. On the table are piles of books, a closed laptop computer and an open laptop computer with an website loaded on the screen. The group of people are in a discussion.
Group study room, Photo: Thomas SG Farnetti. Source: Wellcome Collection. Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0).

We have two accessible study rooms and one group study room available in the library. Study rooms can only be booked by members of the library who are using the collections for a project or who require access to specialist software or equipment. 

If you need to make a call or have a meeting, you are welcome to use the gallery area of the library above the Reading Room, which is a non-silent space.

Accessible study rooms 

We have two smaller study rooms available for library members who require accessibility equipment or who wish to work with a support worker or an assistance animal.

Room facilities:   

  • A network computer with accessibility software:
    – JAWS screen-reading software, which uses a multi-lingual speech synthesiser to read aloud information from the screen. 
    – A Zoomtext screen magnifier that includes a range of colour and cursor controls.
    – Kurzweil, software that uses a scanner and speech synthesiser to read aloud what you scan.
  • A height-adjustable table (available in Study Room 1).  
  • Space for an accompanying person/assistance animal.

You might also like to check our other accessibility services and facilities.

You can also bring collection items from the library shelves into the room with you.   

Group study room

The group study room can be booked by members who want to work on a collaborative project relating to our collections with a small group of three to eight people. Non-members can attend sessions in the group study room as day visitors, but they must be accompanied by the member of the library who booked the session.     

Room facilities:   

  • A large desk for up to eight people.  
  • A network computer and audio-visual equipment for screen projection and video.     

You can also bring collection items from the library shelves into the room with you.

How to book a study room

Contact the library to book a study room or ask a member of staff for more information. And please let us know if you need to cancel a booking. 

Study rooms can be booked during library opening hours and will need to be vacated five minutes before the library closes.  Library members can book a study room once per week to allow for fair usage between members.

Guidance on the use of study rooms  

  • While in the library, visitors are expected to comply with our conditions of use  and computer use policy.   
  • Please be aware that library staff and security may access the room at any time.  The room must be left unlocked when the user is inside. 
  • At the end of your session, please leave the room in the condition you found it in.   
  • If you want a space that’s not related to studying and researching our collections, take a look at our Venue hire information to see the variety of meeting rooms available for hire at Wellcome Collection. 

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