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Photograph of a library bookshelf filled with books, spines facing outwards. All the spines are either red orange or green in colour. In the foreground is a man perched on a long white tabletop holding a large professional film camera with a small screen and wires protruding. He is looking towards the bookshelf.
Filming in the library at Wellcome Collection, Photo: Benjamin Gilbert. Source: Wellcome Collection. Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0).

Our Media Office looks after media enquiries, and provides press information about current and forthcoming exhibitions and events.

If you have a media enquiry, require high-resolution images for press use, or wish to enquire about filming and photography please contact the Media Office.

Wellcome Collection Media Office
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Wellcome Collection is part of Wellcome, a global charitable foundation. For Wellcome’s press contacts and for further information, please visit the Wellcome Media Office.

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