Perspectives on Play

  • Symposium
  • 14 to 19-year-olds
Photograph of two students sat at a table looking down at the activities that they're working on. They are holding a pencil and working on white paper.
Study Day, Steven Pocock. Source: Wellcome Collection.

What you’ll do

Led by experts from the worlds of science and art, this symposium will encourage students to research the role of play in social learning and explore how children’s play reflects, alters and adapts to the world around them. Students will learn through talks and discussions, a gallery visit and facilitated activities, as well as interactive workshops.

This event is inspired by our new exhibition, ‘Play Well’, opening in October 2019.

A preparation pack will be sent out in advance of the symposium to prepare students and teachers for the activities.

This event is suitable for post-16 students studying psychology, sociology or health and social care.

About your contributors

Photograph of Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen’s official website

Michael Rosen is one of the best-loved figures in the children’s book world, renowned for his work as a poet, performer, broadcaster and education campaigner. His books include ‘Michael Rosen’s Book of Play’, ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, ‘Michael Rosen’s Sad Book’ and ‘Totally Wonderful Miss Plumberry’. He is Professor of Children’s Literature at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Photograph of Karen Newell

Karen Newell

ToyLikeMe website

Karen Newell is co-founder of ToyLikeMe, an arts-based, not-for-profit organisation. ToyLikeMe celebrates the powers of disability representation in toys to boost self- esteem and grow open minds.

Photograph of Dr Matluba Khan

Dr Matluba Khan

More about Matluba Khan

Dr Matluba Khan is a research fellow at UCL interested in built-environment, pedagogy and play.

Photograph of Easy Peasy

Easy Peasy

Easy Peasy website

Easy Peasy are a group of creators, researchers and educators, dedicated to helping families discover, create, play and share learning games. They use use technology to bring families together in new and exciting ways that spark imagination, joy and learning in homes everywhere: