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Photograph of a group of young people listening to a presenter who is stood 'off camera'.
Workshop at Wellcome Collection, David Bishop. Source: Wellcome Collection.

What you’ll do

Your sixth-form students will hear from scientific researchers, doctors and media professionals expert in the recent Ebola crisis. A facilitator will introduce the topic, which will be followed by presentations from the panel and then the chance for your students to ask questions and discuss.

We’ll send you a preparation pack for your students beforehand so they can get the most from the event.

Who can come

We have developed this event for groups of students studying Biology A level; it is relevant to the curriculum topics on viral disease, pathogens, vaccination and microscopes. You can bring up to 20 students, accompanied by staff at a ratio of 1:10.

Due to the small scale of our free programme, we take bookings exclusively from schools in the Greater London area until Friday 21 September; after that all schools and colleges are welcome to get in touch.



Need to know


We’ll be in the Forum. To get there, take the lift or stairs up to level 1 and then follow the signs through the ‘Medicine Now’ gallery.

School booking conditions

Your school or college can book a maximum of two study days per term. To secure your booking, you'll need to complete and return the required forms promptly.

All study days and events are free, but we charge a fee for cancellation or significant changes to your group size made within three weeks of your visit. Both policies are explained fully in the agreement we ask you to sign ahead of your visit.