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Photograph of a group of young people listening to a presenter who is stood 'off camera'.

What you’ll do

Your sixth-form students will hear from scientific researchers, doctors and media professionals expert in the recent Ebola crisis. A facilitator will introduce the topic, which will be followed by presentations from the panel and then the chance for your students to ask questions and discuss.

We’ll send you a preparation pack for your students beforehand so they can get the most from the event.

Who can come

We have developed this event for groups of students studying Biology A level; it is relevant to the curriculum topics on viral disease, pathogens, vaccination and microscopes. You can bring up to 20 students, accompanied by staff at a ratio of 1:10.

Due to the small scale of our free programme, we take bookings exclusively from schools in the Greater London area until Friday 21 September; after that all schools and colleges are welcome to get in touch.