Kawanabe, Kyōsai, 1831-1889


  • Above, two deities (?), one of whom is holding a red ball which has rays and the image of a fox emanating from it; below, two women lying on the grass with a cat, with the Hashiba ferry seen crossing the Sumida river between Asakusa and Mukōjima, in the background. Colour woodcut by Kyōsai, botom image by Mōsai (Yoshitora), ca. 1870.
  • A hawk-headed man attacks a crane; a woman standing on a boat reads her letter and a bird-headed man behind her reads the same letter. Colour woodcut by Kyōsai, 1860s.
  • Two blind men being robbed of their sake pot at an inn; above, in a roundel, a kite-flying scene. Coloured woodcut by Shigekiyo, Yoshitora and Kyōsai, ca. 1870 (?).
  • Above left, a woman with a baby on her back, preparing to smoke a pipe (?); above right, men and women walking in line; below, an ox leading peasants to the Kawaguchi temple. Colour woodcut by Kyōsai, with top left design by Kunichika and design below by a pupil of Kyōsai, ca. 1870.
  • People bewitched (?) by a tengu (Japanese mountain demon) Colour woodcut attributed to Kyōsai, 187-(?).
  • Above, Lo Xuegu(?), a Chinese painter, shown seated in front of his artist's materials, playing a lute-like instrument and singing, while his dog dances; below, an attempt to photograph a Niō (Buddhist diety), who is watched with amusement by a fellow Niō. Colour woodcut by Kyōsai, ca. 1870.
  • A large octopus is encircled by a huge rosary held by various bizarre creatures. Colour woodcut by Kyōsai, 1864.
  • The Buddhist guardian deity, Fudô Myôô, reading a government propaganda publication, enthusing about Western customs and modernisation: one attendant prepares meat, another warms sake in the sacred flame. Colour woodcut by Kyōsai, 1874.
  • Above left, a man in Western dress observes a Japanese worker; below left, a figure on a balcony views Sugita bay through a telescope; right, a bird perched on a plum blossom branch, with Sugita bay in the background. Colour woodcut by Kyōsai, with design on right by Mōsai (Yoshitora), ca. 1870.
  • Above, a festival procession held on the fifth day of the fifth month; below, cherry blossoms at Koganu, west of Tokyo. Colour woodcut by Kyōsai, ca. 1870.