John Hodgkin senior (1766-1845)

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Index to writers of letters held in this section of the Hodgkin papers

Allen, William: PP/HO/B/A66

Alliance Life and Fire Assurance Company: PP/HO/B/A80

Alliance Marine Assurance Company: PP/HO/B/A80

Arnold, Thomas: PP/HO/B/A144

Ashby, H.: PP/HO/B/A58

Ashley, John: PP/HO/B/A140

Babington, B.G., Dr.: PP/HO/B/A112

Babington, William: PP/HO/B/A59

Bagot, William, Sir, 2nd Baron Bagot: PP/HO/B/A105

Barclay, D.: PP/HO/B/A37, A42

Belcham, Susanna: PP/HO/B/B1

Blomfield, Charles.James, Bishop of London: PP/HO/B/A108

Bosworth, Joseph: PP/HO/B/A137

Browell, W.R.: PP/HO/B/A118

Burgess, Thomas, Bishop of Salisbury: PP/HO/B/A32, A115, A154-A155, A159-A160

Burney, Charles, Dr.: PP/HO/B/A43, A53, A69, A79, A97, A107

Butler, J.O.: PP/HO/B/A148

Cambridge, John: PP/HO/B/A55

Clarkson, Thomas: PP/HO/B/A54

Dudley, Charles: PP/HO/B/A63

Ellis, J.J.: PP/HO/B/A113

Elllis, Henry, Sir: PP/HO/B/A109, A111, A117, A119-A120, A134, A136

F?, J.: PP/HO/B/A12

Forshall, J., Rev., British Museum Library: PP/HO/B/A116

Fowler, Rebecca: PP/HO/B/A92

G., J. : PP/HO/B/A38

Godlee, Mary: PP/HO/B/A101-A102

Gurney, Hudson: PP/HO/B/A50, A56, A60-A61, A70-A72, A86, A91, A98, A121, A124, A127, A142

Gurney, Joseph John: PP/HO/B/A62, A158

Hamilton, W.: PP/HO/B/A157

Hes-ton-a-quete, Francis (also referred to as Hesh-ton-a-quete, François), Chippeway / Ojibway chief: PP/HO/B/A29

Hibbert, E.S.: PP/HO/B/A57

Hibbert, George: PP/HO/B/A103, A125

Hodgkin, Howard: PP/HO/B/B6

Hodgkin, John, senior [1766-1845]: PP/HO/B/A1-A36, A122, B1

Hodgkin, Mary: PP/HO/B/A145

Howard, Luke: PP/HO/B/A90, A99, A132, A138

Howard, Rachel: PP/HO/B/A126, A133, A149

Howard, Rachel "Robert" [Lloyd]: PP/HO/B/A135

Howard, Robert: PP/HO/B/B1

Huntingford, George Isaac, Bishop of Gloucester: PP/HO/B/A46

Kennion, Edward: PP/HO/B/A44

Kilham, Hannah: PP/HO/B/A81, A96

Knox, Vicesimus: PP/HO/B/A52

Lefevre, John George Shaw: PP/HO/B/A83, A150

Lloyd, Samuel: PP/HO/B/A129

Madden, T.: PP/HO/B/A156

Majolier, C.: PP/HO/B/A94

Major, ? [headmaster, King's College School]: PP/HO/B/A110

Maltby, Edward, Bishop of Chichester: PP/HO/B/A122

Manley, William: PP/HO/B/A20-A21, A32

Marcillac, John de: PP/HO/B/A151

Martin, Thomas: PP/HO/B/A84

Meeting for Sufferings, Committee: PP/HO/B/A20-A21, A32

Murray, Lindley: PP/HO/B/A51

Peacock, George: PP/HO/B/A104, A106

Rickman, John H.: PP/HO/B/A89, A101

Rickman, Priscilla: PP/HO/B/A101, A130, A139, A143

Rickman, Richard Peters [1745-1801]: PP/HO/B/A40

Rickman, Samuel: PP/HO/B/A76, A82

Rickman?, ?: PP/HO/B/A95

Rogers, John: PP/HO/B/A45

Royer, A.A.: PP/HO/B/A67-A68, A75

Russell, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/B/A128

S., G.: PP/HO/B/A12

Say, Horace: PP/HO/B/A65

Shephard, Mary: PP/HO/B/A73-A74, A93

Shillitoe, Richard: PP/HO/B/A152

Smith, Maria W.: PP/HO/B/A85, A88

Smith, S.R.: PP/HO/B/A153

Stacey, M.: PP/HO/B/A41

Steinkopff, C.J.A., Dr.: PP/HO/B/A146-A147

Stroud, Dr. William: PP/HO/B/A87, B1

Thorpe, Benjamin: PP/HO/B/A77-A78

Travers, Smith: PP/HO/B/A47-A48

Tuke, Samuel [clerk, London Yearly Meeting]: PP/HO/B/A100

Yates, James: PP/HO/B/A141

Young, Robert: PP/HO/B/A123

Young, Thomas: PP/HO/B/A39, B2-B5

Index to recipients of letters, and third parties mentioned in documents, held in this section of the Hodgkin papers

[Unidentified]: PP/HO/B/A2, A12, A14, A17, A19-A25, A27-A28, A30, A32-A33, A35, A154

Allen, William: PP/HO/B/A8-A9

Ashby, H.: PP/HO/B/A7C

Bedford, Peter: PP/HO/B/A34

Ellis, E., Sir: PP/HO/B/A27

Ellis, Henry, Sir: PP/HO/B/A27, A32, A122, A155-A157, A160

Glaisyer, John: PP/HO/B/A10-A11

Godlee, Burwood: PP/HO/B/A15

Gurney, Hudson: PP/HO/B/A26, A36

Hilbert, George: PP/HO/B/A27

Hodgkin, Elizabeth [Howard]: PP/HO/B/A7A-B

Hodgkin, Elizabeth [Rickman]: PP/HO/B/A4, A6-A7, A55, A87

Hodgkin, John [1741-1815]: PP/HO/B/A3

Hodgkin, John, junior: PP/HO/B/A7

Hodgkin, John, senior: PP/HO/B/A20-A21, A32, A37-A153

Hodgkin, Mary [1771-1849]: PP/HO/B/A1

Hodgkin, Susanna [1768-1846]: PP/HO/B/A1, A5

Hodgkin, Thomas, MD: PP/HO/B/A29

Horniblow, John: PP/HO/B/A13

Howard, Rachel "Robert" [Lloyd]: PP/HO/B/A29-A30

Kemp, Grover: PP/HO/B/A10

Macbride, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/B/A158

Monk, James Henry, Bishop of Gloucester: PP/HO/B/A31

Morrice, John: PP/HO/B/A16, A18

Young, Thomas: PP/HO/B/A37, B6

Finding aids

Correspondents in the collection's many letters are indexed at section level in the catalogue. Readers are advised to consult indices here, make a note of where relevant individuals occur and then navigate to the file or volume that includes the number cited there. Similarly, if a search for a particular name yields a hit in this section-level index then make a note of the relevant reference and navigate to it. Copies of the original typescript catalogue for the collection, which includes a single overall index, is available.

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