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1) Lt-Col S A Mackeith, Psychiatric comments on some current issues affecting morale, 1944

[2) missing]

unnumbered item, Psychiatric statistics BNAF and CMF, 1943 January-June

3) Lt-Col H V Dicks, German political attitudes: an analysis and forecast of likely reactions confronting the Allies in occupied Germany, 1944

4) Lt-Col H V Dicks National Socialism as a psychological problem, 1945

5)N A B Wilson, Interviewing candidates for technical appointments or training, 1945

6) Psychological problems of Displaced Persons: A Report prepared for the Welfare Division of the European Regional Office of UNRRA by an Inter-Allied Psychological Study Group, 1945


8) Everett Howard, The establishment of Training Centres solely for those suffering from psychoses and neuroses, [n.d.]

9) Medical developments in wartime Britain 2: Psychology and psychiatry applied to Army manpower problems,1944

[10) missing]

11) Maj J W Wishart, Experiences of a psychiatrist with BAF and CMF Jan 1943 to Jan 1944, with special refernce to work in the Foward Areas, 1944

12) Maj John Kelnar, The psychological effect of upbringing and education on Japanese morale, 1944

13) The work of Army psychiatrists in relation to morale', with appendices

A Absence without leave: observations on, 1941

B "Suppose you were a Nazi agent... or "Fifth Column work for amateurs", 1942

C Battle Innoculation [c. 1942/3]

14) Notes on the psychological aspects of war, [n.d.]

15) Lt-Col T F Main, Notes on the use of broadcasting in handling psychological problems of the demobilisation period, 1944

16) Lt-Col T F Main, Psychological problems of troops overseas, 1943

17) Lecture to SHAEG PW Executive Officers Course August 1944

18) Guidance in making arrangements for liberated British prisoners of war, [n.d.]

19) Lt-Col T F Main, 'Psychological aspects of the reinstatement of the service-man in industry, 1945

20) "Medical Sociologist [Lt-Col G R Hargreaves]", Displaced People, Broadcast talk, 1944

21) Maj E Wittkower, Psychological reactions in soldiers to the loss of vision in one eye, 1944

22) Maj E Wittkower, Report to the War Office on psychological aspects of the rehabilitation of the limbless, 1944

23) The reliability and consistency of psychiatric opinions on officer quality, 1943



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