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Collection of Poems, mostly by Dr. Jenner.

Transcribed by his nephew, the Rev. William Davies [1769-1849].

Written in two thin note-books, numbered 4 and 6. The signature 'W. Davies 1794' is written inside the cover of the first volume, and 'W. Davies' alone in that of the second volume.

Vol. I contains 49 poems, of which 24 bear the initials 'E.J.' written by Davies: Vol. II contains 45 poems, all initialed 'E.J.' except the last, the whole of which has been struck through. Pp. 22-36 of the first volume contain 'The Highwayman: a tale' with a few corrections, and two added four-line stanzas, apparently by the hand of Jenner [cf. the shorter version of this poem, MS. No. 3015].

By comparison with the 'List of Verses' given on pp. 134-136 of W. R. Lefanu's 'Bio-bibliography of Edward Jenner' 1951, the following poems, bearing the initials 'E.J.' in these two MSS., are not recorded: Vol. I (1) Epitaph on Gig. (2) H.-L-'s Apology. (3) Written on the backside of Peter Paul & Co's handbill. (4) On reading Peter Paul's handbill. (5) On the death of Dr. Wait. (6) The races. (7) Betty Bunk [Lefanu: Song (In pursuit of a lass), V. 28?]. (8) The highwayman. (9) Ladbrokes entire. [L. British entire, V. 6?] (10) On the judge's carriage breaking down. (11) Mrs. Jordan to poor Vulcan. [L. L.'s horse Vulcan, V. 5?] (12) To Jesse Foot. (13) On hearing Dr. B- was dead. (14) On seeing a wretched copy of verses. (15) To a fellow sportsman. (16) on a certain Nobleman's being created Knight of the Garter. Vol. II. (1) A short conversation in the Shades. (2) On reading Dr. Rush on Yellow Fever. (3) Epitaph on Miss Sophia Tainton. (4) On a boy named Bird. (5) On the death of Miss Mansell. (6) On Mr. Macksee. (7) The humble petition of the Posts. (8) Written on the back of Peter Paul & Co's handbill [cf. Vol. I]. (9) The races [cf. Vol. I]. (10) On John Cole. (11) On John Cole and his wife. (12) Epitaph in a country Church yard. (13) Epigram. (14) Charades (4). (15) To Miss - (Oh Mary forbear). [L. V. 25?]; To Miss - (O dear Mary). [L. V. 25?] (16) On a country squire buried in the Poet's Corner. (17) On seeing the above. (18) Elegy on the untimely departure of [Mary Meddlemore]. (19) Epitaph on Lawyer P-. (20) On the death of Dicky Wood. (21) On his epitaph ('Sblood what dost see). (22) Epitaph (Beneath this verdant turf).



Physical description

2 volumes 2 vols. 56 pp., 18 ll. 4to. 191/2 × 161/2 cm. Original paper covers.

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Purchased at Sotheby's 27/11/1918, Lot 997 (part).

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Database description transcribed from S.A.J. Moorat, Catalogue of Western Manuscripts on Medicine and Science in the Wellcome Historical Medical Library (London: Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, 1962-1973).



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